Nokia Lumia 1520 ‘Bandit’ Specifications Leaked Once Again

Nokia Lumia 1520 Bandit Specifications Leaked Once Again

Over the past couple of weeks we have consistently heard that Nokia is going to unveil a new phablet soon. The phablet reportedly carries the “Bandit” codename, and is expected to be announced at Nokia World 2013, which takes place on October 22nd in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We’ve seen leaked images of the device and heard chatter about its specifications. The infamous Twitter based leaker, @evleaks, has now published major specifications of the Lumia 1520, believed to be the retail moniker of Bandit.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is said to have a 6 inch full 1080p HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quadcore processor aided by 2GB of RAM, a 20 megapixel PureView rear camera and Qi wireless charging with cover. The phablet is said to be available in 16GB and 32GB flavors with black, white and yellow colors being offered. Information about pricing and availability has not been provided as yet. Though rumors suggest that Bandit will be first released on AT&T around November, which will be followed by a global roll out sometime in December. These release timeframes are based on rumors and there’s no confirmation if Nokia is going to adhere to them. Hopefully the company will clear up when we can expect to see Lumia 1520 “Bandit” in the market at its event next week.

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    Nokia Guru With NFC Leaked

    Nokia Guru With NFC LeakedApparently, a Twitter account – @evleaks in particular, recently unveiled the alleged code name of what could very well be a future Nokia handset, with the name being a rather wise sounding Nokia Guru. I sure as heck hope that one does not need to climb mountains as well as sleep on a bed of nails in order to qualify for the purchase of the Nokia Guru! Unfortunately, that is about all we know of the Nokia Guru, other than the fact that the Twitter account also mentioned that NFC plus iPod Shuffle equal to Nokia Guru.

    Now, how are we to interpret such data? Based on the analysis, it seems that there is a very good chance that the Nokia Guru could very well end up as a portable music player that will feature NFC capability. Who knows, the NFC feature could very well be the bridge that will pave the way for the transfer of songs. Alternatively, the Nokia Guru might be another Windows Phone 8-powered smartphone which will place a strong emphasis on music – just like how Nokia did all those years ago with the introduction of the Nokia Xpress Music. Well, as with the case of all other rumors and speculation, only time will be able to tell whether it is going to pan out true or not.

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    Nokia Facet Is Their Alleged Smartwatch

    Earlier this morning, we brought you the possibility of Nokia introducing a smartwatch to the masses in the future, thanks to a patent application which was published by the Patent and Trademark Office, where it described a modular timepiece so that the end user is able to customize it in a variety of ways. Well, before the day is over, how about some bit of interesting news concerning the alleged Nokia smartwatch? This particular update hails from a certain Kent Lyons, who is also one of the minds behind this device. He mentioned that this particular concept has been given the codename “Facet” for obvious reasons, where there is also a video of the prototype in action as you can see above.

    It reminds me of one episode in the G-Force cartoon back when I was a kid, and the team of heroes had to battle a particular behemoth from the sea that had four different facets to its head, with the head being able to rotate 360 degrees, each “face” featuring a different energy beam that is shot out from its eyes. What do you think of Nokia’s attempt in making a smartwatch? Will they be able to duke it out with the seemingly almighty Android?

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    Nokia Smartwatch May Be In The Works

    Nokia Smartwatch May Be In The Works

    For several months now, we’ve been hearing a number of consumer electronics companies have been toying with the idea of offering a smartwatch, with Samsung the only big-name company to actually release a product, the Galaxy Gear. It looks like yet another company might be considering throwing their hat into the smartwatch ring as patents from Nokia hint they might be cooking something up. (more…)

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