Moto X Announced For The UK And Germany, Arriving 1st February

Moto X Announced For The UK And Germany, Arriving 1st FebruaryWhen the Moto X was first announced, its availability was limited to just the US, but last we heard, the phone could be making its way to Europe and sure enough it has as Motorola has officially announced that the Moto X smartphone will be available in the UK and Gemrany starting on the 1st of February 2014. The Moto X is a rather unique handset because while it might not necessarily come with the fancy hardware and high-end features like other Android devices, it does come with pretty interesting software features, such as the always-listening mode that allows users to activate their phone without touching it at all, along with the Moto Maker feature that allows for further customization of the device.

In any case it seems that the UK and Germany will not be the recipient of the Moto Maker feature, at least not initially, but presumably it will be added at a later date. For those living in the UK, you will be able to pick up the handset fully unlocked for £380 which is around $624 after conversion, while those in Germany can expect to pay €429. Despite the Moto X’s unique features, it will be interesting to see how well it will be received in the UK and Germany. After all with MWC around the corner, we expect newer and more powerful smartphones, which means that forking out £380 for the Moto X might not be as attractive compared to a few months ago. What do you guys think? Any of our UK/Germany readers planning on picking up the Moto X?

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    Moto X For Europe Could Be Announced Next Week

    Moto X For Europe Could Be Announced Next WeekAs it stands, Motorola’s Moto X is only available in the states at the moment. Motorola had initially dismissed the idea of bringing it to other countries, like the UK, but thanks to recent hints, it has been suggested that Motorola is now starting to consider launching the Moto X in other markets, like the EMEA regions, for example. Now thanks to invites Motorola has started to send out to publications based in the UK, a launch in Europe certainly sounds imminent. The event has been scheduled for the 14th of January 2014 and while the Moto X handset was not mentioned specifically, the invite expects that Motorola will “welcome a new addition to the European Motorola family of products.”

    The folks at Droid-Life attempted to pry more information from Motorola at CES 2014, but were only told that they had an announcement and that they planned to broaden their geographic footprint. However thanks to a job listing found on Motorola UK’s website, it has been suggested that Motorola is looking for someone to setup Moto Maker in the UK, which we can only assume is for the Moto X. Either way for those living in Europe and eager to get the Moto X, the 14th of January is definitely a day you will want to mark down on your calendars, and be sure to check back with us as well as we will keep you updated on Motorola’s announcement! So, any of our readers from Europe excited by this piece of news?

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  • Moto X For Europe Could Be Announced Next Week original content from Ubergizmo.



    Hidden Moto X LED Light Hacked

    Hidden Moto X LED Light HackedDid you know that the Moto X had a LED light hidden underneath its earpiece? If you’ve never let your Moto X handset run completely out of battery, then chances are you might not have noticed it. The LED light was originally designed by Motorola to flash green when the phone was too low on battery to the point where the screen cannot even be displayed, but unfortunately apart from that, the LED light does little to nothing else. For Android users who might miss the notification lights on their devices, perhaps you might want to consider rooting your Moto X because thanks to the folks over at the XDA forums, they have figured out a way where they are able to activate the LED light and use it for other purposes.

    This is thanks to XDA user, carock, who figured out a string of commands that could be sent to Tasker to control the LED to do whatever you wanted it to do. Like we said this requires you as the user to root the phone, and if you have not done so, this is something worth taking into consideration, especially if you have never done it before as it will require a fair bit of homework to be on the safe side. However for those who have rooted their devices, you can head on over to the XDA forums where you can find out more on the process and tools necessary to get it working to your liking.

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    Moto X Price Dropped To $399 Off-Contract

    Moto X Price Dropped To $399 Off ContractA few months ago back in 2013, Motorola released the Moto X handset which wasn’t exactly a high-end device, but came with features and functions that helped to set it apart from the rest of the competition, features which Motorola felt justified in charging customers a price that would normally have nabbed them a handset with much better hardware specs. Over the past couple of months we have seen Motorola drop the price of the Moto X, making it more affordable each time, and now it looks like if you were planning on getting the Moto X, it has been revealed the handset will now cost $399 outright. Yup, if you weren’t too keen on the idea of signing a contract, Motorola will now let you buy the handset outright at $399!

    Granted that’s still more expensive than the Moto G but then again, its specs are a bit better which we’re sure some users might appreciate. For those looking for a little more storage, the 32GB model of the Moto X will cost you an additional $50, and if you wanted to customize your Moto X with a bamboo backplate, that’s an additional $100 to top it off, meaning that it could add up to be quite a considerable amount. However for those who aren’t too fussy, the $399 price tag makes it a pretty good deal and it is almost comparable to the Nexus 5.

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  • Moto X Price Dropped To $399 Off-Contract original content from Ubergizmo.