Alleged Canon EOS 7D MK II Spec Sheet Leaked

Alleged Canon EOS 7D MK II Spec Sheet LeakedThe Canon EOS 7D MK II camera has been rumored for some time now, although at this point in time there has been nothing to suggest that Canon will be announcing the device in the near future, but thanks to a recently leaked spec sheet, it seems that the specs of Canon EOS 7D MK II have been revealed. The alleged spec sheet does corroborate what we have heard in the past, but given that the device has yet to be officially confirmed, take it with a grain of salt for now. So what can photographers look forward to in the EOS 7D MK II?

Well for starters the camera is rumored to sport either a 20MP or 24MP sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF. It seems that Canon has yet to finalize on a sensor which is why it is a toss up between either sensor for now. It will also feature an AF system similar to the EOS 5D MK III with 61-points, a high frame rate between 10-12fps, high-grade weather sealing, a Dual DIGIC V+ processor, WiFi and GPS connectivity, and will be priced around $2,000. It will also apparently offer “very good” ISO performance along with “innovative” video features and is rumored for a possible announced in March 2014. Like we said this is hardly the official spec list so take it with a grain of salt for now, but photographers what do you guys think? Are these specs a worthy of an EOS 7D successor?

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    Sony Xperia Z1S Spotted In The Wild [Update]

    Sony Xperia Z1S Spotted In The Wild [Update]Thanks to a leaked press render the other day, the Sony Xperia Z1S was revealed. For those unfamiliar, the Sony Xperia Z1S is essentially a smaller version of Sony’s Xperia Z-series of Android smartphones. A similar device called the Xperia Z1 f was actually launched a while back although the handset was a Japan exclusive, leading some to believe that the Xperia Z1S could be the international version that will be making its way to countries other than Japan. In any case thanks to a newly leaked photo, we now have a shot of the Xperia Z1S pictured in the wild lying on top of a pair of Sony headphones (coincidence?), giving us an idea of how “mini” the device is.

    Assuming the Xperia Z1S is indeed the international variant of the Xperia Z1 f, we expect the device to come with similar hardware specs. This includes a 4.3” 720p HD display and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. It will also boast a 20.7MP camera and will be water-resistant, all of which are pretty impressive specs that have been crammed into a smaller device. It’s funny given that a few years ago, a 4.3” device would not be considered a “mini”, but we guess times have definitely changed. The rumored launch of the device has been pegged for the 12th of November, so check back with us then for the updates.

    Update – As it turns out, the device is indeed the Xperia Z according to a clarification by the folks at ePrice who “leaked” the image.

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    Nokia Lumia 1320 Press Rendering Leaked

    Nokia Lumia 1320 Press Rendering LeakedIn a few hours’ time, Nokia will be holding a press event in Abu Dhabi where it is expected that the Nokia Lumia 1520 will be announced. For those unfamiliar, the Lumia 1520 is a phablet device by Nokia but it looks like Nokia might have more than one phablet to share, with the other being the Nokia Lumia 1320. The press rendering of the handset was recently leaked by @evleaks. The Lumia 1320 was first tipped off earlier this month where it was given the codename “Batman”, but we guess we now know what the handset will look like.

    The Lumia 1320 is expected to be the top low-end Windows Phone device and based on the rendering, it looks like the phone is essentially a blown up version of the Lumia 625. While the exact size remains unknown, some are speculating it could be in the 5-6” category. The specs of the Lumia 1320 also remain a mystery for now, but it is rumored to feature a 5MP rear-facing camera and a VGA front-facing camera and is also expected to ship with some of Nokia’s camera apps. We expect that Nokia will reveal the full specifications of the Lumia 1320 during their event so if you like the idea of an affordable Windows Phone phablet device, be sure to check back with us later for all the details.

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    Nexus 5 Makes An Appearance On Google Play

    Nexus 5 Makes An Appearance On Google PlaySo it was only just now that a rendering of the upcoming Nexus 5 was leaked and to help make things a little more official, it seems that the US Google Play store has listed the Nexus 5 along with a short description of the handset. Unfortunately the actual listing for the device is not accessible at the moment, meaning that the full specs of the handset is still unknown. The device appears to come with a price tag of $349 which is different from the $399 price that we heard of a few days ago. That is the price of the 16GB model, so presumably the 32GB model could retail for around the $400 mark.

    For those who haven’t been following the news, the Nexus 5 is the upcoming Nexus device from Google and it is expected to be announced sometime later this month. Some of its alleged specs include a 5” Full HD display a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, an 8MP camera, and will obviously be running on Android 4.4 KitKat which is currently the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. No word on when exactly the device will launch, but hopefully with this listing, we will be hearing an announcement from Google in the near future.

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