Apple Reportedly Boosting iPhone 5s Production Amid iPhone 5c Cuts

Apple Reportedly Boosting iPhone 5s Production Amid iPhone 5c Cuts

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard again and again that Apple is cutting iPhone 5c production. It has been rumored that there’s weak demand for the company’s “unapologetically plastic” iPhone, so Apple needs to cut down on production so that its doesn’t end up sitting on a huge pile of unsold iPhone 5c units. Verizon CFO recently said that the iPhone 5c had “undersold expectations,” though he added that the iPhone 5s is performing well. Reports of strong demand for iPhone 5s have been coming in as well, and it is now being reported that Apple is ramping up production of its fingerprint sensor touting smartphone.

The report comes from NPD DisplaySearch, which cites supply chain checks. Apparently Apple has cut iPhone 5c production by 35 percent whereas it has ramped up iPhone 5s production by a whopping 75 percent. The increase is said to be due to high demand. Apple hasn’t released any official sales figures after the opening weekend, so its not known for sure where demand stands for the iPhone 5c. The company is likely to get grilled about it during its call with analysts on October 28th, maybe we’ll learn more about the situation iPhone 5c is in then.

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    Apple iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Prices In France Raised

    Apple iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Prices In France RaisedIt seems that if you happen to reside in France and want to pick up either the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c, you will obviously need to be prepared to fork out more money to do so. Apparently, Apple has set the price of both new iPhone models higher than one would have expected on its French web site, although they are not charging you an arm and a leg for it – just a finger, maybe. For example, the 16GB iPhone 5s would cost you €10 ($13.66 USD) more, while the 32GB model will be another €12 ($16.40 USD) higher in pricing compared to what other folks are paying elsewhere in the world. As for the highest capacity 64GB model, it will cost €18 ($24.59 USD) more.

    The so called “budget” iPhone 5c has not been spared from this particular price increase, too, as both 16GB and 32GB models of the Apple iPhone 5c would see its price points raised by €10 and €12, respectively. This price increase has nothing to do with the French folks being richer than anyone else in the world, but attributed to the foreign exchange market which reduced Apple’s profit margin. As usual, it is up to the consumer to pick up the slack of a company, and would this slight price increase turn you off?

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    iPhone 5c ‘Undersold Expectations,’ Says Verizon CFO

    iPhone 5c Undersold Expectations, Says Verizon CFO

    Earlier today Verizon reported its third quarter earnings. Afterwards, in an interview with Reuters, Verizon Communications Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said that Apple’s unapologetically plastic iPhone 5c “undersold expectations,” while adding that the iPhone 5s was in short supply. Shammo said that iPhone 5c is in “plenty supply” and that this would generally be the answer of each of the major carriers, as consumer reception for the iPhone 5s seems to be much stronger, at least at Verizon.

    51 percent of Verizon’s smartphone activations in the third quarter were accounted for by iPhones, though the carrier didn’t breakdown the percentage with regards to different iPhone models. He termed short supply of iPhone 5c as a “significant issue” for the carrier. Shammo revealing that iPhone 5c “undersold expectations” comes at a time when it is consistently being rumored that Apple is seeing weak demand for the iPhone 5c. The company has reportedly cut down production orders for the plastic iPhone almost a month after its launch. Yesterday, WSJ reported that Foxconn had been ordered to cut production by a third while Pegatron had been directed to slash iPhone 5c production by 20 percent. Apple hasn’t commented on these rumors and hasn’t said anything about the demand, or lack thereof, for the iPhone 5c.

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