Best of CES 2014 Ubergizmo Awards

Last week, we gave 10 Best of CES awards, and the physical trophies have already been delivered, but as a last look back on CES 2014, here’s the list for the record, and why we like those products or technologies. Here they are, in no particular order and see you next year for another crazy week in Las Vegas. Drop a comment to let us know what your favorite CES product was!

1/ Intel Edison

Best of CES 2014 Ubergizmo AwardsIntel wants to enter the wearable tech market and their Edison SD-Card sized computer may just get them there much faster. We have seen some pretty small computers in the past, some as small as a shirt button, but Intel’s is basically a PC shrunk into the size of a memory card. The choice for using the SD card format is astute because device makers can already have access to a wealth of options to build their hardware. While the card uses the SD Card physical format, it is not limited at all by the SD protocol, so developers are free to build any system they want. We can’t wait to see the first prototypes. (more…)

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    Dive Is The $89 Alternative To The Oculus Rift

    We’re sure there are some of you guys out there who would love to get in on the Oculus Rift action. After all based on what we know and what we’ve seen, it is indeed a cool piece of technology. Unfortunately it is not available commercially at the moment, meaning that if you wanted to get your hands on one, you’d have to fork out $300 for its development kit, which is probably $300 ore expensive than what some are willing to pay. Well the good news is that if you don’t mind an alternative, Dive unveiled an Oculus Rift-like device at CES 2014 which can be had for $89, although we’re not sure if it might provide the same experience.

    Basically how dive works is that it is worn strapped to your head, but instead of having separate displays built into it like the Oculus Rift, Dive will instead rely on your smartphone to act as a display instead. There will be lenses built into it which is said to provide some kind of 3D effect, but according to the folks at Android Central who managed to check it out, they said it was not the same as the Oculus Rift. However like we said with Dive being priced at $89, it is a cheaper alternative to the Oculus Rift and for those interested in getting their hands on the device, you can do so by heading to its website for the details.

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    The Matias SecurePro Keyboard Comes With 128-bit AES Encryption

    The Matias SecurePro Keyboard Comes With 128 bit AES EncryptionWith all the reports of the NSA listening in on our calls, reading our emails, and just generally spying on us, we’re sure there are some out there who are starting to get a bit paranoid and want to secure their information anyway they can. Well if that is the case, does an encrypted keyboard sound like something you might be interested in? If so, Matias has a new keyboard for you in the form of the SecurePro (announced alongside the Ergo Pro at CES 2014). Different keyboards appeal to different types of users, naturally, but it seems that the SecurePro could be targeting quite a niche audience.

    Not only does the keyboard come with an 128-bit AES encryption, it is also features a wireless Bluetooth connection, and appears to be compact enough to take around with you. So if you wanted a wireless, compact, encrypted keyboard, we guess Matias has you covered! According to Matias, the SecurePro has the strongest level of encryption ever to be offered in a keyboard, which would apparently take “a billion-billion years to crack”. The keyboard’s keys will be of the ALPS-style switches, so while it does offer that satisfying clacking sounds when typing, it will be quiet enough so as not to drive everyone around you crazy.

    Priced at $170, Matias will be releasing the SecurePro keyboard in March, but for interested buyers they can head on over to Matias’ website to pre-order it today.

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    Audi Demonstrates Qi Wireless Charging At CES 2014

    Audi Demonstrates Qi Wireless Charging At CES 2014[CES 2014] At every edition of CES, you can be sure that there will also be an area that showcases vehicles as well as the different kinds of technology that has been incorporated within, or in this particular case of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), from without. We are referring to how German automaker Audi has been demonstrating Qi wireless charging capability at this year’s edition of CES.

    This would place Audi alongside the ranks of Daimler, Toyota, Jeep and others who have already incorporated Qi wireless charging capability in current and future car models. Needless to say, cars are but a natural fit for wireless charging, so to have Qi wireless charging capability just about everywhere the consumer needs it makes perfect sense. The Audi phone box that debuted in 2012 has been refreshed to include Qi wireless charging capability, where the electricity in the floor of the phone box will flow to a receiver coil in the smartphone via induction. Future versions will see the very same Audi phone box provide perfect cell reception, in addition to making sure that a user’s smartphone will remain fully charged all the time. Apart from that, Audi makes use of the WLAN hotspot in the car so that it can combine the world of smartphones and tablets with the automotive world in an intelligent manner. [Press Release]

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