Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Begins To Ship

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Begins To ShipSometime near the end of last month, we saw the introduction of a spanking new Kindle Fire HDX tablet, but back then, it was just announced, without the device being made immediately available to those who want one. knows that folks have been patient with them, and has today announced that the spanking new 7” Kindle Fire HDX has started to ship. Well, is there anything that you need to know about the Kindle Fire HDX before you arrive at a purchase decision? Let us help you by going through the hardware specifications.

For starters, the Kindle Fire HDX will merge groundbreaking hardware, the latest version of Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito,” as well as a bunch of exclusive new features and services such as X-Ray for Music, Prime Instant Video downloads, and the revolutionary new Mayday button. Apart from that, we do know that the Kindle Fire HDX will be powered by a quad-core 2.2GHz processor and additional memory to boot. The Mayday button is something new that you can take advantage of – pressing it will see an Amazon expert appear on your Fire HDX display, where you will be guided through any feature via drawing on your screen, or even walking you through how to perform something by yourself – for free, and it is also available round the clock throughout the year, now how about that?

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    HTC’s Amazon Device Could Be Exclusive To Prime Subscribers [Rumor]

    HTCs Amazon Device Could Be Exclusive To Prime Subscribers [Rumor]The other day thanks to a report, it was suggested that Amazon’s own Android smartphone could have been designed by HTC, and with HTC making some pretty decent phones, why not, right? Well now the rumors are shifting slightly and while HTC is still the company that has been pegged to design Amazon’s Android smartphone, interestingly enough this new rumor is suggesting that the smartphone will only be offered to Amazon Prime subscribers. While this sounds like a great exclusive offer to Amazon Prime subscribers, we’re not sure if it makes sense that Amazon will want to limit their potential market share.

    Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets have gone on and sold well, so we wouldn’t be surprised if their smartphone efforts would net the same success, but limiting it to just their Prime subscribers is an odd move. Then again it is speculated that perhaps Amazon and HTC are trying something like the Facebook phone, where HTC got the exclusive to build the handset (even though it wasn’t exactly a commercial success). Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled but in the meantime, what do you guys think? Is Amazon shooting themselves in the foot with this possible strategy?

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  • HTC’s Amazon Device Could Be Exclusive To Prime Subscribers [Rumor] original content from Ubergizmo.