T-Mobile Wins Lawsuit Against AT&T’s Aio Wireless

T Mobile Wins Lawsuit Against AT&Ts Aio WirelessWhile Magenta might not be T-Mobile’s official name, it is what the carrier is referred to at times, just like how some people still refer to AT&T as Ma Bell, and how Verizon is also sometimes known as Big Red. That being said, magenta is also the color used by T-Mobile in their logo and unsurprisingly they weren’t too pleased when they discovered that AT&T’s Aio Wireless used the same color as them, which ultimately led to a lawsuit. Naturally AT&T claims that they did not use the magenta color, but we guess their argument is invalid as the courts have ruled in T-Mobile’s favor.

According to a statement that T-Mobile released upon learning about their win, “The court agreed with us that Aio can’t continue infringing T-Mobile’s magenta mark by using large blocks of what it has called “plum,” and told Aio to stop using magenta or similar colors in all of its marketing and advertising, including stores, web sites and social media.” This was also followed up by a rather spiteful tweet by T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, who wrote, “Young bullies steal lunch money, old bullies steal brand colors, right #Randall? Too bad we fight for our brand color”. What do you guys think? Are the colors any cause for concern of mistaken identity?

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