Study Finds iPhone Most Expensive In Jordan And India

Study Finds iPhone Most Expensive In Jordan And IndiaWe have heard complaints and criticisms about how the iPhone is so expensive, at least in relation to other smartphones of similar status, but if you thought that the iPhone was already expensive in the US, it seems that over in countries such as Jordan and India, it has been found through a study by MobileUnlocked that the iPhone is the most expensive in those two countries. The study took into account native currency, native sales tax, along with the average earnings of a person, and it was found that the iPhone, which retails for around $707.41 in the US after taxes, pales in comparison to the likes of Jordan when it costs $1,091.01.

India comes in second place where the handset is priced at $857.78. However this is just based on pricing along, but when the study included the purchasing power parity, in which the price of the product is compared to the country’s GDP and an average person’s purchasing power, the iPhone is actually more expensive in India where the phone costs 22.3% of per capita GDP, while in Vietnam in costs 19.8%, and in Jordan it costs 18.3%. Granted this doesn’t mean that the iPhone in the US is thus considered “cheap”, but we suppose it does put things into perspective the next time you think that your electronics are expensive, as inevitably there will be somewhere else where someone will be paying more.

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