Sprint Added 682,000 New Customers Last Quarter

Sprint Added 682,000 New Customers Last QuarterSprint has recently announced its Q4 2013 earnings where they revealed that they have managed to add 682,000 customers during the last three months of 2013 alone, which admittedly is a pretty impressive feat. According to the breakdown, 322,000 of their new customers opted for Sprint’s prepaid plan, while only 58,000 were new postpaid customers. The remaining 302,000 were wholesale buyers, at least that’s what Sprint has revealed. Unfortunately despite the addition of new customers onto their network, the carrier has also announced that they experienced a loss of $1 billion which while a lot, is down from $1.3 billion which the carrier reported in the same period back in 2012.

This is apparently because the carrier was only able to sell 5.6 million smartphones during the three month period which is apparently not a good sign at all. That being said, with these numbers, perhaps the T-Mobile and Sprint merger might not be such a bad idea after all. With T-Mobile’s aggressive Uncarrier strategy and efforts to steal customers from competing networks, it would no doubt aid Sprint in expanding their reach. That is if regulators give their approval, of course.

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