Samsung Galaxy S10 Proximity Sensor Bug Is Waking The Phone In Pockets

Proximity sensors are sensors that we can typically find in our phones these days. For the most part we don’t really given them too much thought, but when they don’t work as intended, it can be annoying which is what some Samsung Galaxy S10 users are discovering. According to the reports, it seems that some users are finding that due to a bug, the proximity sensor on their phones isn’t working as intended.

For those unfamiliar with the functionality of a proximity sensor, it helps turn off the phone’s screen when you put it next to your ear while on a call. However according to users, it works fine on that front but when placed in their pocket, somehow it prevents the phone’s display from turning off which causes the phone to drain more battery than it really should.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the problem at the moment. Even users who lower the screen’s sensitivity are finding that it still doesn’t work. Samsung has yet to officially comment on the issue so it is unclear if we are looking at a hardware problem or a software problem that can be addressed with a patch.

Hopefully the company is taking note of these issues and that a fix can be released soon, assuming that it is software related.

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