BlackBerry Z30 To Arrive On Verizon 31st October

BlackBerry Z30 To Arrive On Verizon 31st OctoberBack in September after months of being rumored and having its photos leaked, the BlackBerry Z30 was finally launched. There was no mention as to which carrier the handset will be making its way to in the states, although a leaked image did suggest that Verizon, at the very least, would be offering it. Well it turns out that is very true and not only will Verizon carry the device, it looks like they will be getting an exclusive on the handset, meaning that other carriers in the US will not be selling the BlackBerry Z30, at least not anytime in the immediate future.

This is according to a leaked screenshot which reveals that the handset will be priced at $299.99 along with a new 2-year contract, with the handset’s availability pegged for the 31st of October. The BlackBerry Z30, for those unfamiliar, will feature a 5” Super AMOLED HD display and will be powered by a quad-core chipset under the hood, along with a feature BlackBerry is calling “Natural Sound” which supposedly helps to boost audio quality coming from the device. It will also come with a decently sized 2,880mAh battery and will presumably be running on the latest version of BlackBerry 10. So, any Verizon subscribers out there planning on picking up the handset themselves?

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    Possible Sony Camera Roadmap For 2014 Revealed [Rumor]

    Possible Sony Camera Roadmap For 2014 Revealed [Rumor]It wasn’t too long ago that Sony took the wraps off their new full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7 and A7R and now according to Sony Alpha Rumors, they have managed to obtain Sony’s camera roadmap for 2014 although we’re not sure if this is the entire list of the devices planned, or if it is only a partial list, but given Sony Alpha Rumors’ track record of being spot on with their leaks and rumors, it’s worth taking a look at. According to their source, it seems that Sony will have a bunch of new and exciting cameras to show off in 2014, and will cater to both photographers who want a regular DSLR system, and to those who want a mirrorless system.

    Assuming their sources are correct, come 2014 we can look forward to new APS-C E-mount cameras. One of these cameras is expected to be the successor of the NEX-7 (which has been rumored for a while now), and possible entry-level devices. We can also look forward to a new A-mount full-frame camera, new full-frame E-mount cameras, a potential hybrid A- and E-mount camera, and a slim chance of there being a APS-C A-mount device. The latter might be a no-show, but apparently there are prototypes in the works and it’s a matter of whether Sony thinks it’s ready for primetime. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but if you’re a camera enthusiast, these are definitely devices worth looking forward to.

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  • Possible Sony Camera Roadmap For 2014 Revealed [Rumor] original content from Ubergizmo.