OS X Mavericks: Bloqueie os alertas da central de notificações

Muitos de vos já têm o OSX Mavericks a correr nas vossas máquinas. Este novo sistema operativo, lançado oficialmente este semana, traz um conjunto de novidades que todos estão a apreciar e que são bem vindas. Mas como em qualquer novo sistema operativo, há pequenas funcionalidades que podem activar ou conhecer, para que possam o […]


Keep your Microsoft account safer with two-factor authentication

If you use Microsoft services like SkyDrive, Outlook.com webmail, or Xbox Live, you have a Microsoft account. If you have a Microsoft account, you might use it to store personal information that you wouldn’t want hackers to be able to get at. You know, credit cards and tax returns and such. Turning on two-factor authentication can help keep would-be data thieves out, and your secrets secret.

Two-factor authentication—which Microsoft accurately calls two-step authentication—is based on a simple premise: It requires you to enter a single-use security code in addition to your username and password when you log in. This can help keep bad guys out of your account, even if they get ahold of your account name and password.

Set up two-step authentication in two easy steps

To start, log into your Microsoft account by visiting account.live.com and entering your username and password as instructed. Once you’re logged in, select Security Info from the list on the left-hand side of your browser window.

Microsoft may ask you to verify your identity by sending a security code to you via text message or phone call (if you provided a cellphone number when you set up your account), or via the email address associated with your account. Select the option you prefer from the list and press Next, then enter this code on the next screen and press Submit. You now have access to your security settings—and you just got a taste of what to expect from two-factor authentication.

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Comcast’s ‘Internet Plus’ Bundle Offers Internet, HBO For $40 Per Month

Comcasts Internet Plus Bundle Offers Internet, HBO For $40 Per Month

Cable subscribers have been dealing with bundles for as long as most people can remember. Cable companies throw in a ton of channels inside of these bundles, only to charge a premium for the channels you actually want, like HBO and other channels they deem to be “premium.” Up to now, cable subscribers just had to put up with these bundles, but Comcast may have made cable cutting even more appealing with their latest “Internet Plus” bundle. (more…)

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    Microsoft’s New Xbox One Commercial Invites You To Play With It

    Microsoft released the first official commercial for the Xbox One last month at the start of this year’s football season. The commercial was a bit surprising as Microsoft showed a number of features of the Xbox One, although playing video games on the console wasn’t one of them. A brand-new commercial for the Xbox One has just hit the Internet, and it finally highlights it’s ability to play video games. (more…)

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