Trainable Robotic Arm Comprises Of 3D Printed Parts

Do you remember the robotic arm that Tony Stark has in the Iron Man movies? Sure, it is unable to talk back, but in its silent movement, it was still capable of conveying a certain sense of “emotion”, so to speak. Don’t you wish that you too, had some sort of robotic arm at your disposal to be able to help you out in some household chores? What you see above would be a video of such an arm, where it remains in the prototype stage while being made out from 3D printed parts, with the help of an Arduino chipset as well as Adafruit analog feedback servos.

This prototype trainable robotic arm gained its inspiration from the Baxter robot, where it can be specially trained to move with your own hands. The moment the train button is pressed, you will be able to move the arm and gripper as required, while the Arduino will store the positions in the EEPROM. Once that is done, the arm will replay the motion as required. Not exactly the kind of self-aware robotic arm that we would have liked to own, but at least it is a start in the right direction for the average home user, no?

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    Lady Gaga To Perform From Space

    Lady Gaga To Perform From SpaceLady Gaga is definitely a trailblazer in all forms of the word, and one of the prime and most recent examples which we have seen so far would be the Volantis flying dress that she wore. This time around, it seems that Lady Gaga also has her sights set on another (literally) out of this world experience – by singing right from space itself. How is this going to be made possible? Well, Lady Gaga has already booked a trip aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo in the year 2015, where from there, she will ride into suborbital space as well as sing a song as part of a festival that celebrates Spaceport America in New Mexico.

    Singing in space is not going to be that easy despite astronaut Chris Hadfield making it look extremely easy. Gaga is said to undergo at least a month of serious vocal training in order to adjust for the special atmosphere that can only be found aboard the spacecraft. Not only that, it will also be assumed that she will require additional training in order to blast off right out of our atmosphere. Isn’t it cool to be part of her entourage then, as they too, will accompany her on her travels? I would suppose if there was a way for her to go to Mars and perform, she would do that, too.

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