Taiwan fines Samsung for defaming HTC with fabricated reviews

Taiwan has slapped Korean electronics giant Samsung with a fine for fabricating Internet forum posts that praised the company at the expense of rivals including its home-country handset competitor HTC.

On Thursday, Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission said it was punishing Samsung with a $341,037 fine for deceiving consumers with its marketing activities.

Taiwan’s FTC began investigating the matter in April after a local site, called TaiwanSamsungLeaks, accused the company of fabricating negative user comments on competing products. To back its claims, the site released documents from a Samsung-hired marketing firm that catalogued the different postings on Taiwan’s gadget forums.

The posts included complaints about HTC’s flagship phone, and benchmarks favorably comparing Samsung handsets to those from HTC.

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SteamOS could really help desktop Linux adoption, says Torvalds

The Linux desktop revolution is just around the corner!

This is a familiar refrain that has received new life in recent months thanks to Valve and its efforts to turn Linux into a gaming platform with the Steam client for Linux (shown above) and the Linux-based SteamOS.

Even Lars Gustavsson, the chief game maker for DICE, which is the EA-owned studio responsible for the Battlefield series, has a strong interest in Linux for games.

There’s so much Linux love in the air that it prompted Linus Torvalds, overlord of the Linux Kernel, to tentatively suggest that Valve’s announcements could encourage Linux adoption on desktop PCs. Screech! Not again, I hear you say?

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Review: C6 Magnefix Bookcase for iPad mini

Magnefix Bookcase houses the iPad mini inside a hard plastic shell, lined with rubber. This dual-layer design isn’t as common as just plastic, and it should help protect the tablet’s body more thoroughly against drops. There is a consequence, though: the added thickness makes it a little tougher to access the iPad’s buttons, as they’re more deeply recessed, with no raised coverage. The same goes for the headphone and Lightning ports, with…