Nuheara IQbuds Boost review: Fine tune and augment your hearing experience

I see lots of people sporting Apple AirPods and other wire-free earphones these days. They think they’re on the cutting edge of personal audio, but they’re not. Cutting edge is earbuds that test your hearing, and then tailor their left and right components to your unique requirements. Cutting edge is processing ambient sound, and then rebroadcasting it to your ears while precisely mixing it with the sound streaming via Bluetooth. Cutting edge is protecting you from hearing loss and expertly compensating for any you might already suffer from. Cutting edge is the Nuheara IQbuds Boost.

The IQbuds Boost ($499 at Amazon) is a smarter, higher-quality (the Boost support the aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs), and more sonically customizable version of Nuheara’s less-expensive IQbuds ($299 at Amazon). Both products perform the same basic trick: They blend the ambient sound captured by tiny mics in the buds themselves with the audio you stream over Bluetooth.  

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