New Nintendo Switch ‘Interactive Experience’ Will Be Announced Today

Nintendo seems to have a surprise for us all. It’s teasing a new announcement for later today and it’s probably not going to be related to new games because it announced quite a few upcoming Switch titles just last week. Nintendo says that it’s going to unveil an “interactive experience” today, whatever that means.

The company posted a teaser on its UK website which mentions that this new unveiling will be about a “new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch that’s specifically crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart.”

It invites users to tune into the announcement which suggests that wherever the company might be unveiling its new experience, it’s going to stream it live online. The company hasn’t even said if it’s going to be some new hardware or an entirely different software experience.

Online reports also suggest that Nintendo might launch a new Switch accessory alongside whatever announcement that it’s got due today. It might have made one to get more people to buy the Nintendo Switch to ensure that the console keeps up its record-breaking sales momentum.

Sustaining the momentum is going to be crucial for the Nintendo Switch’s long-term success as well. Yes, the company sold over ten million units in the first nine months after launch but enthusiasts and Nintendo fans likely accounted for a significant chunk of that.

This will be a way to get more people interested in its console. Lets wait and see what Nintendo has got up its sleeve.

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