Netflix Can Now Be Played Directly In Apple’s TV App (Sort Of)

apple-tv-app-1Last year Apple announced a new TV app which for those unfamiliar, is basically meant to act as a hub for all your TV shows and movies from the various services that are available. However there were some services missing from the TV app, and most notable amongst them is Netflix.

However the good news is that you can now play Netflix shows directly in the TV app, although it isn’t exactly what you might imagine it. It has been discovered that if you were to do a Siri search for a Netflix movie, the movie will now be able to stream from Netflix if you have an active subscription. Prior to this, doing a similar search would see users redirected to the Netflix app instead.

Note that this seems to be the only way to play Netflix movies directly in the TV app, but it also means that Netflix titles will still not show up under the recommended titles, nor can users use the TV app to queue Netflix-exclusive shows. We’re not sure what the point is with this update, but we guess if you’d rather not switch between apps then this could be an alternative.

Just to remind you guys, the TV app still does not fully support Netflix or Amazon Video for whatever reasons, however this change will let you stream Netflix shows albeit in a more roundabout manner.

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