More bad news for Microsoft’s Cortana as Johnson Controls’ GLAS Smart Thermostat nixes support

One of the few smart home devices to offer full-on Cortana integration is dropping it in favor of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Owners of Johnson Controls’ GLAS Smart Thermostat learned this week via email that an upcoming software update for the sleek device, which is powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT operating system, is slated to deactivate its Cortana support.

The move means people using the snazzy-looking thermostat will need to switch to Alexa or Google Assistant if they want to control it with voice commands.

In our review of the GLAS Smart Thermostat last fall, reviewer Jason D’Aprile called his experience in using Cortana to control the device “decidedly odd,” with Cortana failing to comprehend some of our most basic cooling requests.

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