LTE Nexus 7 Coming To Verizon Next Week [Rumor]

LTE Nexus 7 Coming To Verizon Next Week [Rumor]The Nexus 7 tablet was launched more than half a year ago, which makes it by technological standards relatively “old”. However the tablet is a decent one with pretty decent hardware specs, not to mention its affordable price tag makes it a great purchase for someone who is shopping on a budget but wants the best value for their money. That being said, we’re sure some of you guys are looking forward to the LTE model as well, which is why the good news is that according to the folks at Droid-Life, they claim that according to their sources, the LTE model for Verizon could go on sale as soon as next week, starting on the 13th of February.

Now a LTE Nexus 7 for Verizon is not exactly a secret. In fact Verizon it was as long ago as last year that Verizon promised that a Nexus 7 with LTE would be making its way onto its network. However due to certification issues, the Nexus 7 for Verizon was a no-show. However assuming Droid-Life’s sources are right on the money, perhaps Verizon might have sorted out whatever certification problem they were facing and could be getting ready to launch the tablet on their network. Either way try not to get your hopes up just yet, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more info, so check back with us next week to see if there are any details to be had.

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