LG G Pro 2 Will Feature OIS Plus Camera Technology

LG G Pro 2 Will Feature OIS Plus Camera TechnologyMWC 2014 is around the corner and we expect that many smartphone and tablet manufacturers will take the opportunity to announce something new. LG is one of those companies and we expect that the LG G Pro 2 will most likely be announced then. So far what we do know is the the handset does exist. The handset will also be a follow up to last year’s LG G Pro which was designed to compete with the Galaxy Note 2, meaning that we can expect something of the phablet variety with the LG G Pro 2 as well. Now as far as other specs are concerned, we have only heard the rumors, but thanks to a new post by LG Korea, they revealed the LG G Pro 2 will feature a 13MP camera with OIS Plus technology.

As we’re sure some of you guys know, OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization which basically helps reduce blurred photos caused by movements from your hand. So with OIS Plus, it’s essentially the same thing but will combine software-based image stabilization with hardware-based stabilization, and will also reportedly help capture sharper photos in low-light situation as well, which was one of the notable features of the LG G2. Other features of the LG G Pro 2’s camera includes the ability to capture video at UHD resolution, so if making 4K videos is your thing, perhaps the LG G Pro 2 could be worth keeping an eye on.

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