Lenovo Intended On Acquiring Motorola Several Years Ago

Lenovo Intended On Acquiring Motorola Several Years AgoThe other day it was announced and confirmed that Lenovo would be buying Motorola Mobility from Google for around $3 billion, which is significantly less than what Google paid for the company back in 2011. That being said, it seems that acquiring Motorola Mobility was always part of Lenovo’s plan but due to a blunder, they missed out on the deal which then went to Google. According to Lenovo’s CEO, he stated that the reason Lenovo missed out on the opportunity several years ago was because they approached the wrong Motorola. Motorola had been split into two companies back in 2011: Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility.

Instead of approaching Motorola Mobility, Lenovo instead talked to Motorola Solutions’ CEO, Greg Brown, where they found that Motorola Solutions had nothing of value to Lenovo. By then it was too late as Google would then go ahead and acquire Motorola Mobility for a whopping $12 billion. Either way all things considered, we guess Lenovo did acquire the company in the end, although we’re not sure if $3 billion would have been considered a steal for the company, or if they would have paid less back in the day.

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