iPhone X Demand Concerns Hurt Apple’s Suppliers

There has been a lot of speculation about the iPhone X demand. The new flagship was expected to be in very short supply initially due to production issues. The supply seems to have cleared up but there are concerns about the demand now. Most of Apple’s suppliers are based in Asia and these concerns about the iPhone X demand are hurting them.

Several Apple suppliers have seen their stock prices fall for two days straight after a report suggested that the iPhone X demand will come in below expectations in the first quarter. Some market analysts have also backed up this possibility.

The report claimed that Apple is going to trim its sales forecast for the iPhone in the first quarter to 30 million units. The initial plan was 50 million units so if the figures are accurate, it would suggest that the iPhone X has underperformed by quite a margin.

Market analysts partly blame the low demand on the iPhone X’s price. The handset starts at $999. There have also been reports recently suggesting that Apple might cut the iPhone X price early next year to boost demand for its new flagship.

Apple hasn’t commented on the speculation and rumors surrounding the demand for its new handset. It has also not disclosed quarterly sales targets for the iPhone X so it’s not possible to ascertain whether the handset is performing up to or below its expectations.

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