Hori Onyx PS4 Wireless Controller Available Now

There are quite a few officially licensed third-party controllers available for the PlayStation 4 but they all have one problem: they need to be connected to the console via a wire. That’s no good in this day and age when gamers prefer wireless controllers for the ease of use that they offer. There’s finally a licensed third-party controller for the PlayStation 4 and it’s called the Hori Onyx. At first glance, it appears to be quite similar to an Xbox One controller. It was unveiled last week and is now available for purchase.

The Hori Onyx Wireless Controller seems to borrow design cues from the Xbox One’s wireless controller and not the DualShock 4 controllers from Sony. The asymmetrical stick layout is an evidently borrowed design cue and so is the overall shape and the D-pad placement.

Nevertheless, it has all core controls and direct Bluetooth connectivity alongside its broad grip design, a touchpad, and dual vibration motors. It doesn’t seem to have a speaker or a headphone jack which is a shame since both are present on the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller. The lightbar is also missing.

Most of the licensed third-party PS4 controllers are only available in Europe and the Hori Onyx is no different. It’s available for purchase in the region starting today, Amazon UK has it for £44.99. Sony is yet to confirm when it’s going to be released in the United States.

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