Grado Launches Its First Ever Wireless Headphones

Grado is a company known for their high-end headphones, and just like many of their audiophile customers, Grado has stayed away from launching wireless headphones with the belief that wireless won’t sound as good as wired. However it looks like the company has finally caved in as they have since launched their first pair of wireless headphones.

Coming in the form of the GW100, these are the company’s first wireless headphones. If they look familiar, it is because they seem to follow in the footsteps of Grado’s previous headphone design, with the main difference being that these headphones are now wireless and will pair with devices using Bluetooth.

Of course it won’t be a complete replica of its predecessor as Grado claims to have redesigned the headphone internally. They claim that noise leakage is now reduced by as much as 60% (these are open-back headphones, by the way) which means that when using it in an office it won’t be quite as annoying to others around you.

The headphones will support Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX, with a range of about 10 meters. Grado is also boasting 15 hours of battery life, but your mileage may vary especially with regards to volume levels which can affect battery life. If you love Grado’s products and are glad that the company has finally opted to create a wireless headset, you can head on over to its website to get your hands on the GW100 where it is priced at $250.

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