GoPro Fusion 360 Camera Released Sans Some Software Features

GoPro unveiled its 360-degree Fusion camera in late September and the company has now started shipping the device. However, some software features that the company talked about during the camera’s launch are not going to be available at launch. They won’t be available for the camera until “early 2018.” The GoPro Fusion 360 camera is now shipping out in the United States and Europe.

The GoPro Fusion 360 is a 5.2K camera that’s capable of recording video at 30 fps. It’s also capable of recording 3K video at 60 fps. The camera can capture 18 megapixel photographs as well.

It has some other features as well which include voice control, water resistance up to 16 feet, and optical image stabilization. GoPro sells it for $699.

The camera has another feature called OverCapture. It allows users to recapture and share their 360 degree footage in a conventional fixed perspective video. While the company talked up the mobile OverCapture feature when the camera was announced, it’s not available at launch.

GoPro has said that customers will have to wait until early next year before they’re able to use the OverCapture feature. The feature lets them use a phone’s gyroscope to get the frame they wanted by moving the phone around physically.

Customers will be able to make these edits on their desktop with Fusion Studios, though. The visualization presets like PanoFlow and Tiny Planet will also not be available at launch.

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