Coach Adds Six New Apple Watch Bands To Its Lineup

The Apple Watch is marketed by Apple as being a fitness device and also a fashion accessory, which is why we have seen Apple collaborate with sporting wear companies such as Nike, as well as fashion labels such as Hermes and Coach, and with the bands being swappable, we guess it lets users choose what look they want, when they want.

Now if you’re after something a bit more towards the fashion side of things, you might be interested to learn that Coach has updated its lineup of Apple Watch bands with six new models. As spotted by Haute Criture, these new Apple Watch bands include a Leather Strap with Tea Rose Appliqué in Black Multi and the Printed Leather Strap in Chalk Multi, Melon Multi, and Black Multi.

There are also new color options which includes the Rexy Leather Strap in Goldenrod and a Snake Strap in Bordeaux. The bands themselves do not come cheap with the cheapest being priced starting at $150, but then again this is Coach we are talking about so we guess no surprises there, so whether or not you think that these prices are worth paying for is up to you.

There are alternatives out there for those looking for something a bit more stylish but also cheaper, such as the Apple Watch bands by TOMS which retail for at least a third of the price, but if you insist on Coach, then head on over to their website for the details.

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