Chrome WIll Soon Warn Users Of ‘Lookalike URLs’

Image credit – ZDNet

There are some malicious websites that rely on users typing in the wrong address. We’re sure that this has happened to many of us before, where we type in the URL of a website we thought was correct, only to end up at a different website. This could be as simple as a typo in the URL, or using .net or .org instead of .com, and so on.

These kinds of URLs are also used in phishing scams where they might try to masquerade as the official website of your bank. However Google is looking to do something about it, according to a report from ZDNet who discovered an upcoming feature in Chrome that will warn users when they try to access websites with domain names that look like authentic websites.

As you can see in the screenshot above, users who navigate to a website whose domain closely resembles an actual website, they will be prompted as to whether or not they meant to go to a different website. Like we said, this kind of trickery is pretty common, but it seems that Chrome users will soon be able to avoid it.

That being said, this feature only seems to be available in Chrome Canary at the moment, which means that we still might have to wait a bit before it is available in the stable release of Chrome.

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