Stun Gun Disguised As An iPhone, Dispenses 50,000 Volts

Stun Gun Disguised As An iPhone, Dispenses 50,000 VoltsWhat’s it with stun guns or tasers being stashed away silently these days? Apparently, what you see above is not really an actual iPhone, but rather, it is a conversion of Apple’s famous smartphone that comes with a built-in stun gun that dispenses with a shock to the tune of 50,000 volts – huge enough to actually cause a heart attack. This particular stun gun was discovered by the police after they searched a 14-year-old in Manchester city center. Other than this unique and dangerous weapon, the boy was also found to have a knife.

According to Sgt. Phil Marsh, “It has the appearance of a black iPhone but the volume buttons are more prominent. The top has a silver strip with two points from which the current is discharged. The volume buttons appear to activate the device. People need to be aware that possession of them is an offence under the Firearms Act.”

Apparently, this particular device can be purchased for a mere £15 over on the internet, where it has been specially marketed as personal protection devices. What do you think of this unique design for a stun gun? Frankly, I am not surprised that we have not seen a version with the Samsung Galaxy S4 design to date.

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