Essential Already Has A Trademark Infringement Problem

Essential, a company formed by ex-Googler and co-founder of Android Andy Rubin, recently unveiled its first smartphone called Essential Phone. The handset is yet to be released and the company already finds itself in a trademark infringement problem.

Well-known accessory manufacturer Spigen has fired off a cease and desist letter to Rubin’s company demanding that it stop using the “Essential” moniker since Spigen holds the trademark for the term that covers its users for various consumer products, even though smartphones are not directly covered under its trademark.

Spigen demands that Rubin’s company is going t create confusion for customers if it decides to release its Essential Phone. It points out in its cease and desist letter that Essential had its trademark application twice for this very reason by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

USPTO’s objects were also based on the potential for confusion between Essential and the Essential sub-brand owned by Spigen which the company is already using for battery packs and other smartphone accessories. Spigen doesn’t make smartphones itself.

Spigen calls on Essential to stop using the moniker. If Rubin’s company doesn’t respond by June 15th, Spigen is “prepared to take any and all actions to protect Spigen’s marks.”

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Alleged Spigen Cases For The Galaxy S8 Revealed

By now thanks to various leaks, what the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like is no longer a mystery, that is unless Samsung has been pulling a fast one on everyone and the official phone will look nothing like the leaks. However having more images is always welcome and thanks to the folks at Android Pure, they’ve managed to obtain some photos of Spigen’s cases for the phone.

Now in the past Spigen has typically released images of their cases and of the phones even before it has been officially announced, so in reality this shouldn’t be too surprising. The cases also don’t really tell us anything we didn’t already seen from previous leaks, and it also seems to confirm the fact that the Galaxy S8 will not come with a home button.

It also confirms the rather odd placement of the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone next to the camera, which is an interesting choice as OEMs typically place it in the middle, but perhaps it could be more ergonomic, we’ll just have to try it out for ourselves. There is talk about a possible facial recognition system, but there is nothing on the front that might indicate the feature.

In any case we should have the official details at the end of the month. Pre-orders are expected to begin on the 10th of April and the phone’s release has been rumored to have been delayed to the 28th of April, a week later than originally planned.

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