Skype Testing New Texting Feature For PCs

Since a lot of us work on our computers, having to stop halfway to respond to messages on our phones can be distracting and annoying, which is why many messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, and more have desktop counterparts so that we can keep working on our computers without having to switch back and forth.

However for those who still need to reply SMS, there aren’t too many options out there for replying from the PC, but Microsoft is hoping to change that. Spotted by Windows Blog Italia (via Engadget), it appears that Microsoft is testing out a new feature for Skype on the PC that will allow users to reply text messages on their phone via their computers.

Based on your feedback for this feature, we’re really excited to introduce SMS Connect to Insiders! You’ve seen our sneak peak of the setting in 8.29. 🙂 We’ll let you know what scenarios to help test in future builds as we light up the feature.

— Skype Insider (@SkypeInsider) August 17, 2018

Microsoft has since confirmed the feature via the official Skype Insider Twitter account where they are dubbing the feature “SMS Connect”. At the moment it is only available for Skype Insiders so if you’re not part of the program, then we guess you won’t be able to take advantage of it just yet.

It also seems to be only available on Android where the feature has also been spotted for Skype Preview on Android. No word on when the feature will be made available to all or if it will arrive for iOS, but it could be a handy feature worth keeping an eye out for.

Image credit – Windows Blog Italia

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