Razer Phone 2 Owners Are Having Issues Activating The Phone On Verizon

The recently launched Razer Phone 2 is compatible on Verizon’s network, or at least that’s what its website claims. Heck, even Razer’s CEO announced on stage that the phone would play nicely with Verizon’s network, but yet there are some Razer Phone 2 owners who have run into trouble activating the handset on the carrier’s network.

According to users who have run into issues, this means that basic phone functions such as making phone calls or sending text messages when LTE are not possible, which is weird considering that the phone does have the necessary bands to support being used on Verizon’s network. According to Droid-Life, it seems that this could be a certification issue, although they were told by a Razer employee that the phone was supposed to have been certified already.

Razer has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and that they are working to get the issues fixed ASAP. However when exactly this problem will be resolved remains to be seen, but no doubt this is quite an inconvenience. In the meantime given that the handset is unlocked and plays nicely with GSM networks, maybe you might want to consider switching carriers, unless you can wait until the issue has been resolved.

We’re aware that Verizon is not enabled on the #RazerPhone 2 right now and are working to enable it ASAP—hang in there!

Razer Phone 2 is compatible with a variety of GSM, HSPA+ and LTE carriers. Find out more about the frequency bands supported: https://t.co/O5xIeVaxjB pic.twitter.com/brObzrwKgb

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