Tim Cook Compares Android To Europe

Tim Cook Compares Android To EuropeWhile Apple’s Mac computers are starting to become more commonplace, it is safe to say that their distribution numbers still pale in comparison to the likes of the Windows platform where it is used more widely, especially in schools, businesses, and governments. That being said, is it fair to compare iOS to OS X where the latter is viewed as a niche player just because it is by Apple? Well perhaps not, and that’s what Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook refutes when asked if the mobile market will eventually follow the PC market where Apple will end up catering to a niche market with iOS.

Cook stated that directly comparing the PC and mobile market doesn’t work due to the differences. One of the reasons is because unlike Mac where there aren’t as many apps available compared to Windows, iOS has a very strong developer base which we have to admit is true, as most developers tend to choose for iOS first followed by other platforms. He also compared Android to Europe, where many countries (manufacturers) rally themselves under one name (Android). “Android is like Europe. Europe was a name that somebody came up with for Americans who didn’t understand that Europe was a lot of countries that weren’t like U.S. states. They were very different. Android is many things.” Cook goes on to state that there might be some customers who don’t even know that they are using Android. “How many people who use a Kindle know that they’re using Android? And you see what Samsung is doing by putting more and more software on top. I think it’s night and day. The compare is so off.”

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    Sony’s VAIO Lineup Almost Ran OS X

    Sonys VAIO Lineup Almost Ran OS XAs we all know, Apple’s OS X operating system is an exclusive piece of software that is available on Apple’s Mac products, just like how iOS is only available on Apple made mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. However it seems that back in the day, Apple did consider licensing out OS X and one of their potential partners was Sony. This is according Japanese writer, Nobuyuki Hayashi who has had two decades worth of experience covering Apple related news. He quotes ex-Sony president, Kunitake Ando, who claimed that back in 2001, Steve Jobs was so impressed by Sony’s VAIO lineup that he wanted OS X to be installed on it.

    “Steve Jobs and another Apple executive were waiting for us at the end of the golf course holding VAIO running Mac OS.” Apparently this was shortly after Apple decided to axe the Mac clone business, but were sufficiently impressed by the VAIO that they were willing to make an exception. However the timing was not right as the VAIO lineup had recently taken off and the discussions eventually amounted to nothing. It would have been interesting to see other manufacturers offer up OS X computers but what do you guys think? Do you think Apple’s decision to make it exclusive to their own products was the right one?

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    Dell XPS 15 Advertised Running OS X By Mistake

    Dell XPS 15 Advertised Running OS X By MistakeApple’s MacBooks have always been nicely designed and despite what detractors say about OS X, laptop OEMs have no trouble attempting to copy the look and design of the MacBook but tossing Windows onboard instead. Well it seems that in a little advertising snafu, Dell has accidentally advertised its Dell XPS 15 laptop that shows the computer running both Windows 8 and OS X! Given that the laptop was not designed to run OS X, this is obviously a mistake and an example of when marketing/advertising gets a little too creative to the point where it becomes a little unbelievable.

    The video which was hosted on Dell’s YouTube page has since been taken down (the reuploaded video can be found on The Verge’s website). The video was actually hosted on its page for a little over a month so we’re actually surprised it was not taken down sooner. The video depicts the XPS 15 being used for creative purposes and in an attempt to show the laptop’s features, it showed off how the laptop would be able to swap between Windows 8’s Start Screen and an app that looks like it’s running in OS X. This is evident in the menu bar as well as the buttons in the app itself which are distinctly that of the OS X flavor. No word on Dell about the marketing hiccup but perhaps the removal of the ad from its YouTube page is enough.

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    Merging iOS And OS X Will Be A Waste Of Energy, According To Phil Schiller

    os-x-10.9.1-release-comingWith the major revamp made to iOS 7 and with the changes introduced in OS X Mavericks, many had speculated that it would come to the point where Apple would unify both operating systems, kind of like how it has been speculated that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 could eventually merge and form one unified platform. As it stands there is some cross platform functionality and shared features in iOS and OS X, such as the ability to send/receive iMessages along with the notification center, for example. Well for those who are looking forward to iOS and OS X becoming “one” one day, you’d be out of luck because according to Apple’s Phil Schiller, such an endeavor would be a waste of energy.

    Speaking with MacWorld, Schiller was quoted as saying, “We don’t waste time thinking, ‘But it should be one [interface!]‘ How do you make these [operating systems] merge together?’ What a waste of energy that would be.” This was echoed by Apple’s software head, Craig Federighi who said, “The reason OS X has a different interface than iOS isn’t because one came after the other or because this one’s old and this one’s new. Instead, it’s because using a mouse and keyboard just isn’t the same as tapping with your finger.” What do you guys think? Would you prefer if iOS and OS X merge and become a single platform, or would you prefer keeping things separate but have some cross platform functionality instead?

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    Como formatar com segurança um disco rígido no seu Mac

    As pessoas são um pouco “crédulas”, são displicentes no que toca à sua informação pessoal. Suspiram de irritação quando ouvem que organismos de espionagem estão a invadir dados privados mas não tomam em atenção os seus próprios dados quando vendem um computador ou até mesmo quando vendem um disco rígido. Há dias um “conhecido” comprou […]


    CyanogenMod Installer Beta Makes Its Way Onto Mac Computers

    CyanogenMod Installer Beta Makes Its Way Onto Mac ComputersWhen it comes to flashing custom ROMs onto Android phones, safe to say it is not something that the not-so tech savvy should attempt as a mistake could result in you bricking your brand new phone. Sure, one could go and do their homework and follow instructions, but not everyone is so tech savvy which is why the folks at Cyanogen Inc. released the CyanogenMod Installer app onto the Play store before it was pulled. Basically what the installer did was to help users install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod on their phone in a few easy steps, as opposed to the traditional method which required multiple steps and could sometimes be a lengthy process.

    In any case the good news is that for those running Mac computers, a beta version of the CyanogenMod Installer has made its way onto the Mac. Like we said this is currently a beta version so there might be some kinks left to work out, but should otherwise prove to be quite functional. For those interested in getting their hands on the installer, head on over to the CyanogenMod Mac community page and follow the instructions which has been listed under the “About this community” section where you will find links to the download and a list of devices that are currently supported by the installer.

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