Oculus Rift Bundle Discounted To $379

When virtual reality (VR) headsets were first launched, they weren’t exactly cheap, not to mention that back then, you would require a pretty powerful PC in order to support it which in turn made the whole process a rather pricey one. These days things are cheaper, and in fact Oculus has decided to make its Oculus Rift bundle cheaper by discounting further.

Until the 20th of December, those who are interested in picking up the Oculus Rift headset will only have to pay $379. Prior to this, the regular price of the headset was at $399, and while it isn’t as cheap as Black Friday’s sales where it was priced at $350, $379 isn’t too bad of a price to ask for those looking for a dedicated VR headset.

However like we said, this deal is only valid until 11:59 pm PT on the 20th of December, 2017, so if you want to take advantage of it you can head on over to Oculus’ website to get your hands on it. For those wondering, the Oculus Rift bundle will include the headset itself, touch controllers for navigation, along with two sensors, although Oculus is recommending that users get a third sensor for full room-scale potential.

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Oculus Improves Santa Cruz Headset Design, Highlights New Controllers

Oculus has been working on a full-fledged standalone virtual reality headset for quite some time now. It unveiled the project called Santa Cruz at its developer conference last year. The idea behind this headset is to bring the magic of a PC VR experience to a headset that doesn’t need to be tethered to a PC. The company today unveiled an improved Santa Cruz prototype with a new design and new controllers.

The Santa Cruz standalone headset should not be confused with another standalone headset that the company unveiled today. The Oculus Go is more for the casual VR user, it costs $199 and will be out next year.

The Santa Cruz’s first prototype had a full-blown mobile computer strapped to the back of the head. The design has come a long way since then. It actually looks quite similar to the existing Rift headset from Oculus.

There are new sensors on the face of the headset that enable the new Touch motion controllers to deliver hand presence in a completely standalone experience. The headset is capable of inside-out tracking without requiring any external sensors, cameras or a PC for it to be plugged in to.

Oculus says that there is still a lot of work to be done before this product is ready so we’ll have to wait a while before Oculus eventually delivers a proper standalone VR headset. It’s going to ship the developer version of the Santa Cruz next year.

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Oculus Rift Price Permanently Cut To $399

Oculus is making its flagship VR headset a bit more affordable. The company was offering a temporary price cut for this headset over the summer, discounting it from $499 to $399 for a limited time. The company has now decided to make this price cut permanent. The new Oculus Rift price will prove customers who have been on the fence about this headset an incentive to spend their money on it.

The new Oculus Rift price is $399 and this is permanent now. It’s for the bundle which not only includes the headset but also the Oculus Touch motion controllers, sensors, and six free apps that provides hours of VR content.

The Rift now costs almost half of what it originally did last year. At that point in time, the headset itself cost $599 and the controllers were priced at $199. The entire bundle now costs $399 so it’s a pretty good deal. Do keep in mind that a PC compatible of supporting the headset will be required to power the VR experiences.

This isn’t the only headset-related announcement that Oculus has made at its developer conference today. The company has also unveiled a new standalone headset called Oculus Go. It’s a self-contained headset which will be priced at $199. Oculus is going to release its standalone headset next year.

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