Alleged LG G3 Screenshot “Confirms” 2560×1440 Display

Alleged LG G3 Screenshot Confirms 2560x1440 DisplayAccording to our report from before, it was suggested that the upcoming LG G3 could indeed pack a QHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440. This was based on a UA profile sighting and now thanks to alleged leaked screenshots belonging to that of the LG G3, perhaps the rumors of a QHD display could be true after all.

The full resolution of the screenshots can be found at its source website, LGG3kopen where the dimensions of the screenshot appear to be that of QHD. It also appears to be pretty sharp at full resolution, indicating that these are regular screenshots which have been enlarged to suit the rumors. (more…)

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    LG G3 Trademark Filed

    LG G3 Trademark FiledThe LG G3 has been rumored about for a while now. The handset is expected to be the successor of the LG G2, LG’s flagship device for 2013, although given when the LG G2 was launched, we don’t expect to hear about the LG G3 anytime soon. That being said, is the LG G3 even being worked on as we speak? Is LG even planning the device? Logically yes, given the LG G2’s success, and if you wanted further proof that the LG G3 was in the works, a recent trademark filing for the G3 moniker has surfaced.

    Of course considering that in the past we have seen our fair share of fake trademarks being filed, there is always the off-chance that this particular trademark could be a fake as well, so try not to get your hopes up just yet. What we do know is that as far as LG handsets are concerned, the company has the LG G Pro 2 which will most likely be announced soon ahead of MWC 2014. As to when LG might announce the LG G3? Well that remains to be seen, but presumably it will be done after the G Pro 2 has been launched to avoid cannibalization of sales. In the meantime what do you guys think? Is the LG G3 a done deal?

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    LG G3 Could Pose A Strong Challenge To The Samsung Galaxy S5

    LG G3 Could Pose A Strong Challenge To The Samsung Galaxy S5We do know that Samsung have been preparing to hold a new Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress this coming February 24, and chances are pretty high that they will use that particular event to unveil the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship. Of course, a flagship device does not automatically mean that it will do well in the market, as there are other factors to think of such as market sentiment in addition to products from rivals. Its South Korean rival, LG, has some tricks up their sleeves as well, and as good as the LG G2 (as seen above) is at the moment, you can bet your bottom dollar that the future successor to this handset, tipped to be known as the LG G3 as at press time, will come packed with even more technology underneath the hood.


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    LG G3 Release Date & News, Pre-MWC Round-Up

    LG G3 Release Date & News, Pre MWC Round UpWith MWC 2014 taking place next month, it is that time of the year where many smartphone manufacturers prepare to launch new flagship devices, and while the Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably one of the more highly anticipated devices for 2014, the LG G3 could be thought of as a close second. After all with the LG G2’s powerful hardware and generally positive reviews from 2013, many are excited to see what LG can bring to the table in 2014. That being said, below is the roundup of rumors about the handset that we have come across so far. (more…)

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  • LG G3 Release Date & News, Pre-MWC Round-Up original content from Ubergizmo.



    LG G3 Rumored May 17th Release

    LG G3 Rumored May 17th ReleaseThe LG G2 was LG’s flagship smartphone for 2013 and given that the handset was relatively well-received, we can only assume that LG has a successor planned. Given that the phone was released in September 2013, we expect that LG will only release it in September 2014, but as it turns out, May 17th is a possible date. This is according to reports from the Korean media who has outed a very specific release date of May 17th. Assuming this is true, there is a good chance that LG might announce the device during MWC 2014, or maybe a little later closer to its rumored May 17th date.

    As far as the specs are concerned, it looks like the LG G3 will compete with the Galaxy S5 in terms of display and pack a 2,560×1,440 resolution. As far as display size is concerned, it could feature a 5.5” display which would make its pixel density pretty high. As for its camera, it could feature a 16MP sensor with optical image stabilization, and finally if the rumors are to be believed, the LG G3 might be powered by LG’s own Odin processor, versus turning to Qualcomm. For those wondering why LG is cutting its annual release cycle short, it seems that LG might be worried that taking an entire year would leave too much room for Samsung to gain on them.

    In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Does the LG G3 sound like a phone you might be more interested in than the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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    LG To Reportedly Launch G Pro 2 Before G3

    LG To Reportedly Launch G Pro 2 Before G3

    Rumors have already started circulating about the successor to the popular LG G2 smartphone. Apparently the company wasn’t able to sell as many G2 units as it wanted to, which is believed to be the reason why its going to launch the successor a bit earlier this year. LG itself hasn’t commented on its 2014 smartphone plans as yet, but reports coming in from Korea suggest that the company might first launch the G Pro 2 before moving on to the G3. G Pro 2 will be the successor of its Optimus G Pro smartphone.

    It is believed that the G Pro 2 might be released around March 2014. Not much is known about this device right now, nothing has been rumored about its specifications or design. The display size, 5.5 inches, is expected to be retained while improvements are expected under the hood. As far as the LG G3 is concerned, it is rumored to have a 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution display, LG’s own octacore processor, 16 megapixel rear camera and possibly a fingerprint scanner as well. Nothing has been said as yet about the design of the G3 as well, so its a bit early to be really sure about how LG’s 2014 premium smartphone lineup is going to shape up.

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  • LG To Reportedly Launch G Pro 2 Before G3 original content from Ubergizmo.