New ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Trailer Released

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a highly successful one for the folks at Disney, which is why it did not come as a surprise that after the original trilogy that more movies were going to be made, and not that it’s a bad thing since they have been pretty entertaining so far, especially the next installment whose trailer was recently released.

Dubbed Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (also known as Dead Men Tell No Tales), the teaser trailer was released last year, and in the latest trailer for the upcoming movie was released on TV during the Super Bowl, it gives us a look at what we might be able to expect from the movie, as well as glimpses at Johnny Depp’s character and also Orlando Bloom’s character in which they will be reprising their roles as Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner respectively.

The movie will also see the return of Geoffrey Rush who will be playing Hector Barbossa, one of the original “bad guys” from the first movie. It will also star Javier Bardem who will be taking on the role of the antagonist, Salazar, who appears to be wanting to settle an old score with Captain Jack Sparrow.

The movie has been set for a release come 26th of May, 2017, so if you’d like to get hyped up for the movie’s release, do check out the trailer in the video above.

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Samsung Acquires Perch IoT Company

Perch, an Internet of Things company that developed a smart home monitoring platform which enables people to use their old smartphones as security cameras, has announced that it has been acquired by Samsung Electronics. Perch has confirmed that its team will now be working with Samsung groups across the globe “to develop next-generation IoT products.”

As is the case with such acquisitions, Perch has confirmed that following the acquisition, it will no longer be able to continue supporting its home monitoring platform in its current form.

Perch says that it’s going to remove the beta from the Google Play Store immediately and that it’s going to end support for the Perch application after February 17th, 2017. “As we move forward, we wanted to thank you for helping to make Perch a great product. We wouldn’t have been able to build it without you!” the company added in a post on its official blog.

The company also said that for the security and privacy of its users, it’s going to delete all recorded data when Perch service ends on February 17th. Those who have questions about the termination of the service or about their data can get in touch with the company at

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Transformers: The Last Knight Will Be Michael Bay’s Last Transformers Movie

So far pretty much all of the live-action Transformers movies released to date have been directed by Michael Bay. While many Transformers fans are no doubt excited at the idea of seeing their favorite characters brought to life, many have also criticized the style of the movies.

We suppose the good news is that if you weren’t a fan of Bay’s work on Transformers, you might be interested to learn that Transformers: The Last Knight will be the last Transformers movie that he will be working on. This was confirmed by Bay on his website in which he stated that he would be “bowing out” from the franchise.

“It’s bittersweet for me. With every Transformers film, I’ve said it would be my last. I see the 120 million fans around the world who see these movies, the huge theme park lines to the ride and the amazing Make- A-Wish kids who visit my sets, and it somehow keeps drawing me back. I love doing these movies. This film was especially fun to shoot. But, this time might really be it. So I’m blowing this one out.”

This doesn’t mean that the Transformers movies are done, just that Bay will no longer be involved in them. We’re not sure who will be picking up the mantle moving forward, but it has been confirmed that there will be a standalone Transformers movie based on Bumblebee that is set for 2018, but no details about who will be acting, writing, or directing it.

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#DeleteUber Campaign Reportedly Sees 200,000 Accounts Deleted

Last week it was reported that for the first time ever, ride-hailing service Lyft had managed to surpass Uber in terms of app downloads. This is because of an ongoing #DeleteUber campaign that was created in response to Uber seemingly trying to profit from a protest staged against US President Donald Trump’s travel ban last week.

While the hashtag and campaign has been trending, we’re sure the question everyone is curious about is exactly how many people have deleted their Uber accounts? It’s one thing to stop using the service, but another thing to delete an account entirely. According to a report from The New York Times (via The Verge), it seems that 200,000 accounts have since been deleted.

Uber has yet to confirm those figures so take it with a grain of salt for now, but this isn’t the first time that companies have received backlash over their apparent support of  Trump. Recently it was reported that there have been several Tesla owners who have cancelled their orders after discovering that the company’s CEO Elon Musk would continue to serve on Trump’s advisory groups, despite that prior to the election, Musk had stated that he believed that Trump was not the right person to be in the White House.

While it seems unlikely that this #DeleteUber campaign will be the death of the company, 200,000 is no small amount and we’re sure that Uber and its drivers are definitely feeling the pinch.

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This Dating App Matches You Based On What You Hate

When you think about dating apps or dating websites, or just dating in general, people try to tend to find mutual likes and interests. For example if both of you like eating Greek food, then talking about the best Greek restaurants in town would be a good conversation starter or topic. Or if you both love a particular sport, TV show, movie, and so on.

However just like love, hate is just a strong an emotion which is why over in London, 29-year old Brendan Alper has created a new dating app called “Hater”. As its name and the article title suggests, this is a dating app that will try to match people with you based on the things that you hate. While we suppose this is a slippery slope, on the surface level it could be about a mutual hatred of cilantro, or a mutual hatred of people who cut the line, or the hate that both of you have at people who walk too slowly.

According to its website, “Hater is making serious online dating more approachable by replacing cumbersome surveys and bios with a fun, alternative way to express your personality.” Alper also had this to say about the app: “What we hate is an important part of who we are, but it’s often swept under the rug in our public persona. We want people to express themselves more honestly. Plus, it’s easy to start a conversation with someone if you know you both hate pickles.”

At the moment the app is an exclusive to iOS devices in the UK, but it is expected to find its way onto Android come Spring of 2017. If you’re interested you can check it out via the iTunes App Store.

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Facebook Introduces New ‘Discover People’ Feature

How many of you guys remember how easy it was to trust people on the internet back in the day? Back then giving out information like your name, age, and where you stayed didn’t seem like a big deal, but with hackers, predators, and catfishers out there today, things got a lot more scary.

However Facebook is still pretty optimistic about the whole meeting strangers thing because according to a report from TechCrunch, the company has rolled out a new section on their mobile app called “Discover People”. Basically this involves users writing a little introduction about themselves and scroll through a list of events to see who might be going, or if there is anyone in the city who has the same employer as you, and so on.

We guess the idea is to help facilitate business connections or maybe even for social ones such as dating, but like we said with so many potential threats, you couldn’t be blamed if you were to approach this feature with caution. The “Discover People” feature has been confirmed to be rolling out onto iOS and Android devices, but Facebook notes that it has not reached 100% of its user base yet, so if you don’t see it not to worry as it should eventually find its way to you.

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