Google Home More Accurate Than Alexa At Answering Your Questions

The launch of the first Amazon Echo was surprising in a couple of different ways. For starters a smart speaker with a virtual assistant was something not many people had expected Amazon to have been working on. Secondly the ease of use of the Echo and Alexa was also what helped drive the device’s popularity, which in turned prompted similar devices from competitors.

One of those competitors is Google who launched the Google Home, and it seems that if you’re still a bit torn between deciding on the Google Home or the Amazon Echo, a recent study could help you make your decision. In a recent study done by 360i, it was found that the Google Home was six times more accurate than Alexa at answering your questions.

By that we don’t mean that it is more accurate at picking up your voice and “hearing” you, but rather it is more accurate in the sense that it will give users better results for the things that they ask. Given that Google’s claim to fame was and still is their search engine, this should hardly come as a surprise, although AdWeek notes that RBC Capital Markets is still projecting that Alexa-powered devices will generate as much as $10 billion in revenue for the company by 2020.

However we guess search is one of the features when considering such devices. For example some might also want to factor in the sound quality of the speakers (something that Apple is boasting its upcoming HomePod will be better at), design, price, size, and so on, but if search is one of the primary features that you want a smart speaker, it looks like Google could be a better option.

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Amazon Echo Devices To Get Intercom Support

The thing about Amazon’s Echo devices is that for the most part they’re relatively affordable and they don’t take up a lot of space, especially if you have the Echo Dot. This means that you could place multiple units around the home and have access to the Alexa virtual assistant anytime that you want.

Now it looks like Amazon will be giving the Echo devices more functionality in an upcoming update that will bring about intercom features. Basically what this means is that users will be able to single out specific Echo devices in their home and speak from one Echo device to the other, although this means that you will need to individually assign each Echo its room name, and it also needs to be an Echo with a microphone, meaning that the Echo Tap is out.

Once you have it all setup, you can speak to individual Echo units, like you could use the Echo in your room to call out to someone in the kitchen to bring you a glass of water, or get someone to answer the door, and so on. Of course this is contingent on you having multiple Echo devices at home, and presumably this feature is to tempt customers into buying more.

It is a pretty clever idea and one that we’re surprised did not launch sooner. The update will be rolling out over the next few days so do keep an eye out for it.

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Spotify Introduces Group Playlists For Facebook Messenger

Instant messengers these days are starting to offer up much more in terms of features besides just chatting. For example Apple’s Messages app now supports apps of its own where users can expand upon its functionality, and the same can also be said for Facebook Messenger, which in an announcement by Spotify has a brand new feature in the form of Group Playlists.

According to Spotify, “With Group Playlists for Messenger, users can create new Spotify playlists with friends and immediately begin collaborating to build out their perfect mix. Ideal for parties, road trips, or simply collecting new favorites, Group Playlists provide a seamless way for users to collaborate and share music more easily than ever before.”

The feature is pretty straightforward in terms of its purpose and usage, where users on Messenger will be able to create Spotify playlists together and add songs to it to help create the “perfect” playlist for whatever occasion, such as an upcoming party, or maybe use this playlist as a way of sharing songs with each other.

Spotify claims that this feature will be open to all Messenger users, even if they are not necessarily Spotify subscribers, so you might want to check it out if you think that this sounds like fun.

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