Developer Uses ARKit To Bring Horror Movie ‘The Ring’ To Life

We know that Apple is interested in augmented reality technology, as the company’s CEO Tim Cook has extolled the virtues of the tech many times in the past. We’ve also seen them team up with other companies to help take advantage of the technology, whether it be to help place glasses on a person’s face or helping them choose where to place their furniture.

However it looks like developer Abhishek Singh has come up with a rather novel and scary way that takes advantage of ARKit, which is by recreating the infamous scene from Japanese horror movie, Ring. For those unfamiliar with the Ring, it’s a story of a tape which is cursed in which anyone who watches the tape (in the film, not the movie) will die.

I reenacted a famous scene from ‘The Ring’ to bring #horror movies to life in AR#madewithunity #ARKit

— Abhishek Singh (@shekitup) February 21, 2018

Those who watch the tape will see a scene of the “ghost”, Sadako, climb out of a well and then crawl into their living room through the TV, which is exactly what Singh’s ARKit demo has recreated. While Singh is definitely not the first to recreate that infamous scene in the Ring, we reckon his version is probably the best we’ve seen so far.

He even takes it one step further where through his app, Sadako will even be able to “follow” users throughout their home depending on where they point their camera at. Granted his recreation of Sadako isn’t the most realistic, but even then it is still pretty damn scary.

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