Cabasse’s Pearl Speaker Challenges Conventional Design

When you think of speakers for the home, you might think of speakers shaped like a rectangle where they sit upright on your table or on bookshelves or on the floor. However it seems that a company by the name of Cabasse has decided to challenge the conventional design of speakers by launching the Pearl.

As you can see in the video, the Pearl is definitely not shaped like most speakers and given its round shape, we suppose its name is rather apt. The speaker has been designed to be a multi-room speaker, meaning that you could connect multiple Pearls together in separate rooms and use them all at once, or pick and choose which ones you want to activate.

Each Pearl unit will feature a 13cm tweeter and a 25cm woofer, and will be capable of putting out 300W for the highs and mids, and 1,000W for the lows. It also weighs a whopping 18kg so these are definitely not speakers meant to be brought around. There will also be support for internet connection so that users will be able to stream from various music services including Spotify.

Also given the popularity of smart speakers, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that the Pearl will also support both Google Assistant and Alexa. Cabasse is not the first company to challenge the conventional design of speakers, as we have seen other speakers such as Devialet’s Phantom that looks like a spaceship. Unfortunately the Pearl, just like Devialet’s offerings, does not come cheap and will set users back 2,790 euros when it goes on sale this November.

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