Best of CES 2014 Ubergizmo Awards

Last week, we gave 10 Best of CES awards, and the physical trophies have already been delivered, but as a last look back on CES 2014, here’s the list for the record, and why we like those products or technologies. Here they are, in no particular order and see you next year for another crazy week in Las Vegas. Drop a comment to let us know what your favorite CES product was!

1/ Intel Edison

Best of CES 2014 Ubergizmo AwardsIntel wants to enter the wearable tech market and their Edison SD-Card sized computer may just get them there much faster. We have seen some pretty small computers in the past, some as small as a shirt button, but Intel’s is basically a PC shrunk into the size of a memory card. The choice for using the SD card format is astute because device makers can already have access to a wealth of options to build their hardware. While the card uses the SD Card physical format, it is not limited at all by the SD protocol, so developers are free to build any system they want. We can’t wait to see the first prototypes. (more…)

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