Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Has Integrated Drones, Robotic Arms

benz-van[CES 2017] Mercedes-Benz has a vision for the future when it comes to vans. I know, most of us would think that vans are pretty boring vehicles to drive around in. They lack the kind of horsepower underneath the hood to impress anyone at a red light when it turns green, and is touted to be the poor man’s people mover with luxury MPVs plying our roads. Not so with Mercedes-Benz’s latest Vision Van concept that is exhibited at CES 2017.

This is a Van unlike any other than you have seen before. The Vision Van is impressive from all angles, never mind that it is a tad boxy in its form factor. Merging both the fields of transport and digitization, the Vision Van will integrate information and technologies unlike ever before. It carries the distinction of being the very first van in the world that functions as an integrated concept for a completely digitally connected process chain.

In other words, right from the goods distribution depot to the consignee, it is in the loop. Sporting an wholly automated load compartment, it also comes with drones of its own to ensure that autonomous air deliveries can continue regardless of the traffic situation, with a state-of-the-art joystick control. A 75 kW electric drive system will keep the Vision Van moving, where a full battery charge can offer up to 270 km of range. Deliveries with the Vision Van would then be emission-free and are more or less silent due to the lack of a traditional engine.

Not only that, the Vision Van is capable of communicating with different road users thanks to the Black Panel radiator grille that has a LED matrix. The presence of a LED display that is integrated in the rear end will be able to warn those at the back as to when the vehicle is stopping, turning or releasing drones. Road users will also be pleased to note that the Vision Van can inform others that it is parked, and can be overtaken. This is definitely one van that I would love to own!

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ONVI’s Prophix Is A Smart Video Toothbrush

prophix[CES 2017] While we are extremely comfortable with our own bodies, how many of us would enjoy peering into the mouths of others? ONVI hopes that you will start by looking into your own mouth with their Prophix. The Prophix is the first smart video toothbrush in the world, and a working prototype is more than ready to be demonstrated at CES 2017.

Being a pioneer in innovative dental technology, ONVI hopes that their Prophix smart video toothbrush will be able to usher in a new age of oral healthcare around the world. The Prophix will pair up sans wires to an iOS app over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Through this connection, users are able to check out just what their existing oral health state is like thanks to the real-time video feed as they brush. Granted, the suds from the toothpaste will probably make things messy in the middle, but once you have rinsed out everything, you can have a far clearer look — and actually see whether there are any parts that you missed out on.

Using the Prophix, users are even able to snap photos of the different areas in your mouth which you might want to share with a professional dentist later on. We do not discount the fact that there will be some people out there who would not mind sharing these photos with their family and friends, if not to simply gross them out.

The Prophix is available for pre-order at $299 a pop, which is already discounted from the recommended retail price of $399. Shipping is tipped to commence in Q3 2017.

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Proof Smart Band Knows If You Have Been Drinking Too Much

proof[CES 2017] When you are in a glitzy city like Las Vegas, you would surely find it a challenge to not party at all. Booze is all over the place, and hence, this is where the discipline of responsible drinking comes in. Wearable technology goes one up against drunkenness with Proof. Milo Sensors are the ones behind Proof, where this particular slim band is worn around the wrist as though it were a fitness tracker. However, it would not keep track on the number of steps that you have taken, but rather, check out how much you have drunk by obtaining a reading of alcohol molecules through your skin.

Proof claims that the enzyme-based electrochemical sensor integrated within is able to convert alcohol into an electrical current. Through this particular principle, it can then provide a fairly accurate readout on your current blood alcohol content (BAC) level discreetly, via an Android or iOS app. It does sound like a good idea, but what happens when you go over your alcohol limit and are too drunk to figure out why your smartphone keeps on sending you updates at regular intervals with ever increasing numbers? It is not as though Proof is hooked up to the establishment that you are in, informing the bartender not to serve you any more drinks.

This makes Proof more of a fun gadget than anything else, as it is also able to predict just how drunk you will end up later at night — or the next morning, based on your current drinking pattern and rate. It will also provide a prediction on the moment when your body ends up sober. At the end of the day, Proof is meant to empower regular folks to be able to make an educated decision concerning alcohol.

Milo Sensors hopes to roll out Proof through a crowdfunding campaign, targeting a sticker price of $100 to $150 for it.

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Toyota’s Concept-i Car That Wants To Befriend You

toyota-concept-yui[CES 2017] What is the whole point of a consumer electronics show if you do not have a few concepts that tickle the imagination? The engineers at Toyota would like to wow us with their vision of what a car in the future would look like, kicking things off with “Yui”. Specially designed from the ground up, the Toyota Concept-i offers hopes to inspire the future in terms of mobility by knowing you better.

Most definitely artificial intelligence (AI) will play a role in the Toyota Concept-i, as the Japanese automobile manufacturer would like this vehicle to become your friend. While not so much an emotional attachment as in the characters in Pixar’s “Cars”, having a machine that can relate to you somewhat can be uncanny and unnerving as it is comforting.

The Toyota Concept-i will arrive with a forward-thinking user interface in order to reflect its personality. It will also hopefully be able to create a bond between the car and driver, and even society at large. The entire concept was built from the inside-out, making sure that you would love to drive in the Concept-i as much as possible. Toyota has plans to integrate biometric sensors in different areas of the car, allowing it to figure out just how you are feeling.

Assuming you are starting to feel on the down and out, it will automatically analyze your emotion before providing a recommendation on what your options are next. Should it be necessary, it can even engage the autonomous driving mode and bring you safe and sound to your destination while you mope behind the wheel.

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Vyu360’s ACTIV 360-Degree VR Action Camera Goes Underwater

p9k-360-cam[CES 2017] Virtual Reality (VR) and action cameras do seem to get a whole lot of attention these days. After all, we do live in a very connected world, and sharing of happenings in our lives over social media has been deemed to be the norm for some time now. If you would like to take your adventures to the next level, you might consider the Vyu360 ACTIV 360° action camera.

This is an all-new 360° camera, and it also carries the distinction of being the smallest of its kind in the market at the moment. The whole idea of the ACTIV 360° action camera is to help people explore a different angle in life, sharing what you see underwater rather than the usual, humdrum shots of you on a rollercoaster or perhaps zorbing around.

The ACTIV 360° action camera is specially catered for a younger generation who has the need for a faster and better method when it comes to sharing their experiences on social media. Even if the ACTIV 360° action camera is not used when you are underwater, it will also do a fantastic job above water, be it in an indoor skate park or while you are attempting that new jungle trail on your mountain bike.

It comes with a protective case that has been rated to be waterproof up to 30 meters, and is tough enough to handle the rigors and impacts that arise from extreme sports. In addition, the Vyu360 Software will also let you perform a direct download all footage to your social media networks, removing the computer as the middle party in this matter. This $349 device will deliver Ultra High Definition 360° spherical video and image quality thanks to is dual 8-megapixel sensors and specially engineered panoramic optics.

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Whill Model M Is An All-Terrain Wheelchair

whill-model-m[CES 2017] We first came across the Whill wheelchair at CEATEC three years ago, and here we are with a new model which will cater for those who would like to live life a little bit more on the exciting side, even though you are in a wheelchair. The Whill Model M is an all-terrain wheelchair that has been specially built in order to handle rough surfaces without running into trouble or getting stuck. This is made possible thanks to the presence of omni-wheels that will come in handy when tackling the likes of obstacles and ramps.

With more than 2 million people relying on wheelchairs to get around in the US, accessibility options like the Whill Model M are hard and rare to come by. Being classified as an all-terrain EV, its sturdy build will be accompanied by omni-wheels, allowing it to see action regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. The new design might seem to be rather bulky at first glance, but it would occupy nearly a similar amount of space as a manual wheelchair.

There are three different speed modes to choose from in the Whill Model M, and just in case you would like to have a breather from all that’s going on, the stationary mode will definitely come in handy. Whill even has a mobile app in the pipeline that will hopefully be able to provide assistance through wireless navigation as a safer way to move around. No idea no how much the Whill Model M will cost, but it is not going to come cheap, that is for sure.

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