AT&T Announces Their Own Winter Olympics Roaming Promotion

Given how competitive it is in the carrier industry, it is not surprising that when one carrier announces a promotion that others will follow suit with something similar, if not possibly better. For example earlier this month Verizon announced that they would be waiving fees for customers headed to the Winter Olympics, and several weeks later, T-Mobile followed suit.

The good news for AT&T customers is that it looks like the carrier has decided to get in on it too and has since announced their own promotion. All customers have to do is sign up for the International Day Pass and AT&T will waive the $10 daily fee for those who are traveling to South Korea for the Winter Olympics.

According to the carrier, “We’re waiving the $10 daily fee for AT&T wireless customers who sign-up for International Day Pass and are traveling in South Korea anytime from Feb. 1 through March 20. Those travelers who haven’t added International Day Pass yet, can still add it to their Mobile Share or Unlimited plan and participate in the special offer.”

With AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile having announced their plans, this leaves Sprint as the only carrier who has yet to get on board, although like we said with how competitive the industry is, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sprint were to launch their own promotions in the near future.

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