Amazon’s Dash Buttons Allegedly Violate German Law

The concept behind Amazon’s Dash buttons are pretty cool. The idea is that these make it quick and easy for people to reorder certain items that they might use on a daily basis. This is versus having to go through the process of placing an order via Amazon’s website when all they need to do is press the button.

Unfortunately it seems that over in Germany, these Dash buttons apparently violate the country’s laws. This is due to the fact that the buttons do not give sufficient information about the product being ordered or its price, thus violating consumer protection legislation. Accordin to Wolfgang Schuldzinski, head of the consumer body, “We are always open to innovation. But if innovation means that the consumer is put at a disadvantage and price comparisons are made difficult then we fight that.”

Unsurprisingly Amazon isn’t too pleased by this and has stated that they believe that they are in compliance with the law, and that they plan on fighting the ruling through other channels despite the consumer body stating that the courts would not be granting an appeal. “Today’s ruling is not only hostile to innovation. It also stops customers from making an informed decision about whether a service like the Dash button gives them a convenient shopping experience.”

With Germany being Amazon’s second-largest market, it’s not surprising that they probably stand to lose a lot if these Dash buttons can no longer be used or sold in the country.

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