Amazon Music App Gets Chromecast Support

Amazon and Google’s love-hate relationship continues to confuse people. While the former ditched Chromecasts from its online marketplace and the latter decided to pull YouTube support from the Echo Show, Amazon has decided to add Chromecast support to the Amazon Music app. It was expected that the Amazon Music app might get support for Chromecasts soon and this has finally happened.

Not long after Google decided to pull YouTube support from the Echo Show, it was reported that the company is thinking about launching its own Echo Show rival. So one can say that the relationship between these two tech giants leaves a lot to be desired.

References to this Chromecast integration were discovered several weeks ago in the Amazon Music app. This suggests that the company might be thinking about adding this functionality to the app.

Amazon has now officially confirmed that its Music app supports Chromecast. The app’s changelog has been updated to reflect this fact.

Chromecast support will enable users to select music on their Android device via the Amazon Music app and then have that music play wirelessly on Chromecast-enabled devices.

This includes devices like TVs, speakers with Chromecast built-in, Google Home devices, and Google Assistant-powered speakers.

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