10 awesome (and not-so-awesome) things I learned while becoming a cord-cutter

After years of reading, research, and really close calls, I finally made the plunge. I canceled my Comcast Triple Play bundle, disconnected the coaxial cables running all over my house, and returned the boxes I’ve been renting for the last two years. That’s right, I’m officially a card-carrying cord-cutter.

I’m only in the first few days of my new cord-free world, but I can already tell the road ahead will be equal parts bright and bumpy. While I expected some separation anxiety after years of cable TV bills, I naively didn’t realize just how different it would be without Comcast or Cox or FiOS supplying the channels. I ended up choosing DirecTV Now for my streaming needs, but I researched and tested a couple of them before settling on it. Here are 10 things I’ve learned so far:

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