New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Confirmed To Be In The Works

Tyler Lee July 9, 2017

When it comes to mirrorless cameras, it’s safe to say that Nikon doesn’t exactly come to mind. The company has a pretty long and solid reputation for churning high-quality DSLR cameras, but in terms of mirrorless cameras, the company’s Nikon 1 series wasn’t exactly what you might call a runaway success.

However Nikon isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel yet because in a recent interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (via Nikon Rumors), Nikon President Kazuo Ushida revealed that the company had a new mirrorless camera in the works. Note that this interview was given in Japanese so there is a chance that something might have been lost in the translation.

However assuming that it is correct, the portion of the interview reads, “With generations grew up on smart phones I will give out a “Nikonashii” mirrorless camera that made a difference to other companies in terms of performance. I want to overwhelm the performance of the lens by making use of industrial lens technology, but also need playfulness.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Nikon might be working on something new. We had previously heard that they company was looking to launch a full-frame mirrorless, but whether or not this is the camera that Ushida is referring to remains to be seen.

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Nikon D810’s Successor Rumored For End Of July

Tyler Lee June 29, 2017

The thing about buying a DSLR is that you typically need to be pretty sure of which brand you want. This is because buying a DSLR isn’t just about the camera, but also its lenses which typically don’t work on other brands unless you were to buy an adapter. For those who are Nikon fans, it seems that you guys can expect a new camera soon.

According to a report from Nikon Rumors, it seems that the Nikon D810’s replacement has been rumored for a launch towards the later part of July and will be shipping out to customers in September. No specific dates have been mentioned, but Nikon Rumors thinks that is likely, or if there is a delay it might be pushed to August instead.

The camera in question is expected to be called the D820 and according to the rumored specifications, it will feature a 45-46MP sensor, improved low and high ISO, a newer and improved version of SnapBridge, a tiltable LCD display, two memory card slots, and it will use the same AF system as the Nikon D5. There will not be built-in GPS unfortunately.

Take it with a grain of salt for now, but the Nikon D810 was originally announced back in 2014 which means that by DSLR standards, it is due for an upgrade.

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Nikon Unveils Rugged Compact Coolpix W300 Camera

Tyler Lee May 31, 2017

These days camera manufacturers are all about squeezing in the latest specs like new camera sensors, faster autofocus systems, touchscreen displays, improved EVFs, and so on. However sometimes some photographers just want a camera that can withstand the extreme outdoors, and for this market segment, Nikon is gladly obliging.

The company has recently taken the wraps off its latest compact camera offering in the form of the Nikon Coolpix W300. This isn’t the first rugged compact camera that the company has released, but it is their latest. So what are we looking at here? For starters the W300 will come with a 16MP CMOS sensor, a 3-inch LCD display, NFC, WiFi, GPS, 4K video capture, and a 5x optical zoom lens.

As for its rugged features, the W300 claims to be waterproof of up to a depth of 30m, freezeproof when it comes to temperatures up to -10C, dustproof, and shockproof from drops at heights of up to 2.4m. This means that you’ll be able to take it with you to more extreme environments without worrying about it malfunctioning or breaking down.

It’s definitely not the best compact camera we’ve seen, but the W300 is clearly marketed at users who want something more rugged. It will be available this coming Summer where it will be priced at $389.95.

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Sony Displaces Nikon As No. 2 Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera In The US

Tyler Lee April 16, 2017

When you think of cameras, there’s a good chance that brands such as Canon and Nikon come to mind. However it seems that Sony has been catching up because the company has recently announced that they are now the number 2 ranked in the US as far as the full-frame interchangeable lens camera market is concerned.

This was a position that was formerly held by Nikon which goes to show the inroads that Sony has been making in terms of appealing to photographers with their offerings. Sony is attributing this success to their “key models” which includes the Sony A7R II and the A7S II, both of which are of the mirrorless variety, meaning that they are more compact that a traditional full-frame DSLR.

There have been quite a few famed photographers who have publicly announced their plans in the past to make a full conversion to Sony’s mirrorless lineup because like we said, the ability to have a full-frame camera in compact body does have its appeal, especially for those who’d rather not lug around large DSLR cameras.

According to Neal Manowitz, VP of Digital Imaging at Sony North America, “Our commitment to the industry is stronger than ever. We are always listening to our customers, combining their feedback with our intense passion for innovation to deliver products, services and support like no other.”

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The Nikon D7500 Has Been Officially Launched

Tyler Lee April 12, 2017

The other day thanks to a leaked image, it was revealed that Nikon had a new DSLR in the works by the name of the Nikon D7500. If you are in the market for a new DSLR camera, then you might be interested to learn that shortly following the leak, Nikon has officially taken the wraps off the Nikon D7500.

According to Nikon, the specs of the D7500 include a 20.9-megapixel DX-format sensor, an ISO range of 100-51,600, and 8fps of continuous shooting. It will also support 4K video capture at various frame rates which include 24, 25, and 30fps. Unfortunately for those looking for that buttery smooth 60fps, you’d be out of luck as far as 4K video is concerned. However given that 30fps is already pretty decent, you should be able to get by.

The camera will also be powered by the Expeed 5 processor which is used by the Nikon D500, and there will also be a 3.2-inch LCD display that can tilt, along with an OLED EVF. There will also be Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for those who like the ability to transfer photos and videos without the need for cables.

As for pricing, the Nikon D7500 will be a relatively affordable model for those who are looking for a DSLR. The body-only model will be sold for $1,250 while the version with a kit lens will go for $1,750. Unfortunately there is no mention as to when the D7500 will be made available.

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Alleged Nikon D7500 Photo Leaked

Tyler Lee April 10, 2017

If you’re in the market for a new DSLR camera, it seems that Nikon might have something for you that could be announced very soon. In a post on Nokishita, an alleged image of the Nikon D7500 has been revealed, which apparently is due for a release in June 2017, so we should be able to expect an official announcement in the coming weeks or months.

As for what we might be able to expect from the camera, the folks at Nikon Rumors have posted some specs which includes a 20MP sensor that is based off on the Nikon D500, so if you liked what the D500 could do then the D7500 should be equally pleasing. It is also expected to sport an iSO range of 100 – 51,200, the ability to capture video in 4K resolution, a 51-points AF system, 8fps continuous shooting capabilities, a tilt screen LCD which should help photographers grab some interesting angles, as well as SnapBridge support.

Obviously this information should be taken with a grain of salt for now, but Nokishita and Nikon Rumors have in the past been pretty reliable and accurate with their leaks/rumor postings, so there is a chance that what we have seen and heard could be the real deal. In any case we should find out for ourselves soon enough, so do check back with us in the near future for the official details.

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Nikon Still Has Plans For A High-End Compact Camera

Tyler Lee February 25, 2017

Compact cameras used to seen as cheap and affordable cameras for the masses back in the day. However in recent years, camera manufacturers have recognized how there are consumers who want high-quality images without necessarily having to spend a lot of money on mirrorless or DSLR systems.

This has led to the creation of high-end compact cameras that we’ve seen from the likes of Sony, Fujifilm, and Canon. For a while Nikon had something similar with their DL lineup, but that changed earlier this month when the company announced that they had decided to kill off the DL lineup, but for Nikon fans you can rest assured knowing that the company is giving up anytime soon.

According to news outlets in Japan (via Nikon Rumors) in which several Nikon executives were interviewed, it seems that Nikon still has plans to develop a high-end compact camera. Details were scarce but basically it sounds like Nikon isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, despite the fact that the DL lineup was cancelled.

We’re not sure when such a camera is expected to make its debut or how far long Nikon’s efforts are, but perhaps you shouldn’t hold your breath just yet. In the meantime Nikon has also iterated their plans to keep churning out mid and high-end DSLRs as well as mirrorless cameras, but ultimately they want to reduce the number of models that they put out in the future.

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Nikon DL Series Cancelled

Adnan Farooqui February 13, 2017

Nikon created its DL series of premium compact cameras in order to compete against the likes of Sony and Panasonic in this particular segment. However, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse. Nikon was supposed to launch the DL series in June last year but due to some problems, the launch was delayed. Nikon has now decided to cancel the DL series altogether.

The delay cost Nikon dearly as during that time its rivals came out with new premium compact cameras. The market was already soft and given the added competition, Nikon probably thought it this endeavor wouldn’t turn out to be too profitable so it decided to give up on the DL series. Nikon’s DL series would have featured three premium models with 20.8 megapixel 1 inch sensors, the series also had zoom and superzoom models.

Nikon’s decision to kill the DL series comes amid troubling times for the company. It’s undergoing fundamental restructuring. The company announced today that it’s laying off 1,000 employees via voluntary retirement to further cut costs as it seeks to recover sales that are down 8.2 percent year-over-year.

This is without a doubt a big blow for Nikon because it doesn’t have anything to offer in the mirrorless segment and nothing in the premium compact segment, you can count the Nikon 1 series, but customers are likely going to opt for rivals’ more recent products. Nikon appears to have pinned all of its hopes on its DSLR products, for now.

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Nikon D5600 Price And Release Date Confirmed

Adnan Farooqui January 4, 2017

Nikon unveiled its new mid-range D5600 DSLR in November last year and it has kept us waiting until the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 to reveal the pricing and release date information for the United States. The company has finally confirmed the Nikon D5600 price and release date for prospective customers in the U.S. It’s going to be available for purchase stateside later this month.

The Nikon D5600 will be yours for $799 later this month, it comes with an 18-55mm AF-P DX Nikkor lens. This mid-range DSLR is a slight improvement over the Nikon D5500 that was released back in 2015.

Nikon has particularly improved the connectivity functionality of this camera by adding support for NFC and Bluetooth. The 3.2 inch touchscreen on the back can also be used for a frame-advance bar and for applying tweaks like cropping to a photo.

The camera features Nikon’s Snapbridge technology which can instantly beam photos taken with the D5600 to a smartphone. This eliminates the hassle of having to deal with cables or complicated Wi-Fi connections to transfer photos from a DSLR to a mobile device.

For $799, the D5600 is a pretty robust DSLR with its 24.2 megapixel sensor coupled with an Expeed 4 image processor, and max ISO of 25,600. If you want one, head over to one of Nikon’s retail partners to pick up the D5600 later this month.

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Oldest Nikon Camera Fetches $406,000 At Auction

Adnan Farooqui December 1, 2016

It’s not uncommon for rare items to be auctioned for staggering amounts of money. There are people in this world who are willing to pay $55,000 for a rare Pokemon card so you can just imagine how much money people are ready to spend on such trinkets. This is the story of the oldest remaining camera made by Nikon. It has fetched $406,000 at an auction in Austria.

This is said to be the third camera ever that Nikon manufactured back in April 1948. It has the original F2 Nikkor H lens that it came with back then as well as its original double strap case which itself is extremely rare. Even the body of the camera carries the inscription that it was “made in occupied Japan.”

This camera was originally launched as the Nikon but later came to be called as the Nikon One as in the following years M and S models were added to the lineup. The camera was valued at $190,000 but bidding at the auction opened at $95,000. One lucky and very rich person has been able to scoop it up for an eye-watering $406,000.


The person who bought it won’t really be able to use it for shooting pictures, however, since it uses a non-standard film size that Nikon was quick to ditch once it figured out that it was holding back the camera.

Oldest Nikon Camera Fetches $406,000 At Auction , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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