The SlatePro Is A Desk For All Your Tech Needs

Tyler Lee March 7, 2014

The SlatePro Is A Desk For All Your Tech NeedsAre you a huge Apple fan? Do you use all things Apple, like a MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod? Well if you do, you might be interested in this Kickstarter project for a desk called the SlatePro. Why, you ask? Well it’s because it’s a desk created specifically for Apple products in mind.

What this means is that users can look forward to special docks and cutouts where they will be able to dock and charge their iPads or iPhones, and for MacBook users, you can place your laptop over the cutout holes which will help to ventilate your laptop to cool it down naturally. (more…)

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    SeeSpace’s InAIR Will Do Away With The Need For A Second Screen

    Tyler Lee March 7, 2014

    How often have you, while watching TV or watching a video clip on your computer, turn away from the screen and start looking up information about a certain actor/actress or to find out more about the show itself on another device?

    This method of using another device to find out more information is also known as the second screen phenomenon and while it is perfectly legit, safe to say unless you were to pause the show, chances are you’ll miss out on what’s being played, and that’s exactly what SeeSpace wants to prevent with a gadget called InAIR.

    Basically what InAir does is it acts as an intermediary between your cable box and your television. Typically you’d plug your cable box to your TV, but with InAIR, the cable from the cable box goes into the device, and the TV’s cable will go in the other end. (more…)

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    Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband

    Edwin Kee January 24, 2014

    auroraDo you dream a whole lot? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would know that sometimes, there will be dreams where you know that you are dreaming and yet also remain in control, while in other dreams, you feel powerless – extremely powerless, and cannot wait to wake up. Well, Kickstarter did carry the Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband project that has now been fully funded, and what makes this particular device so special is, this device will be able to let you gain control of your dreams.


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    NeuroOn Mask Could Let You Sleep Less The Healthy Way

    Edwin Kee January 17, 2014

    NeuroOn Mask Could Let You Sleep Less The Healthy WayI am not quite sure about you, but I clearly treasure my sleep a whole lot – perhaps sometimes, a whole lot more than I actually should, which is not a good thing at all if you want to be productive and catch the attention of your boss. Well, there are some folks who would naturally do well and perform even when they’re running on very little sleep, while others can barely drag themselves out of bed. The NeuroOn mask might be able to help you be a whole lot more productive by freeing up the hours used by sleep, without detracting from the sleep quality. Just how does this particular Kickstarter project work?


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    Laster Technologies Develops SeeThru AR Headset

    Edwin Kee January 16, 2014

    Laster Technologies Develops SeeThru AR HeadsetGoogle Glass might be a forerunner in the world of augmented reality glasses, but this has also sparked off an arms race, so to speak, when it comes to AR headsets that are in the market, or at least, about to hit the market. Laster Technologies looks set to change the way we look at AR headsets with the introduction of the SeeThru AR headset. It must be noted that the SeeThru headset itself lacks a camera in the first place, which means that we do not have to worry ourselves silly with anyone snapping your photo or recording a video of your current antics.


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    OneWheel Self-Balancing Skateboard

    Edwin Kee January 14, 2014

    OneWheel Self Balancing SkateboardA skateboard is just a skateboard, or is there to it than meets the eye? Apparently so, as the good people over at Future Motion did make the effort to come up with a brand new electric skateboard. Inventor Kyle Doerksen figured out that he was not on par with the genius of the fictional Tony Stark to churn out an actual hoverboard, but surely there is another method to emulate the feeling of riding a hoverboard? Putting on his thinking cap, he came up with the Onewheel, which is an electric powered, self-balancing skateboard that sports a single, beefy go-kart wheel.


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    Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen Now A Kickstarter Project

    Edwin Kee January 14, 2014

    Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen Now A Kickstarter ProjectFor those of you who have had a go with EverQuest before, being addicted to it like the person right next to you, so how about the opportunity to pay a visit to the past? A certain Brian McQuaid, who happens to be a longtime designer of MMORPGs such as EverQuest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, have decided to roll out a Kickstarter campaign that will see the introduction of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


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    The Jump Charging Cable Comes With A Tiny Built-In Battery Of Its Own

    Tyler Lee January 13, 2014

    The Jump Charging Cable Comes With A Tiny Built In Battery Of Its OwnPortable battery packs and battery cases for the iPhone are a dime a dozen, but what about charging cables? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your cable could provide your iPhone with a quick charge when you need it? That’s exactly what Native Union’s Jump phone cable does. On the surface it just looks like a normal looking Lightning cable, but in the photo above, you might notice the middle section which is where the cable would be wound around when not in use. Well hidden in that area is actually a small-ish battery around 800mAh which should be enough to provide your phone with an additional 33% of battery in emergency situations.

    How it works is that it connects to USB ports and power plugs as per normal, but once your phone is done charging, the power is then redirected to the hidden battery to juice up and store some power. Given that the Jump cable weighs only 40 grams, it’s small enough to fit into your pocket so that you can bring to work with you or take it with you on the go to locations where there might not necessarily have a power outlet for you to charge your phone with. The good news is that the Jump cable will be available as a Lightning cable for iOS users, or as a microUSB cable for Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone users, and will cost $40 if you were to pledge to its Kickstarter campaign, otherwise expect to fork out around $50 for it when it becomes available later in May.

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    Jalapeño Beat Maker Remixes Music In Real-Time

    Edwin Kee January 10, 2014

    Jalapeño Beat Maker Remixes Music In Real TimeThey say that music makes the world go round. Wait a minute, or is that money? Either way, I am quite sure that fans of music as well as money would agree that both of them will inject life into a dour world, so for those who feel that they were born to groove to various tunes and music, here is the Jalapeño Beat Maker that might be worth checking out. A Kickstarter project that has not yet met its funding goal of $53,000, the Jalapeño Beat Maker is a portable device that will remix music in real-time based on your tricks, turns, and spins. In a nutshell, you would end up being the beat yourself.

    Each time you move, your music will be tweaked in order for it to match your tricks, turns, and spins. The more you ride, I guess it is safe to warrant a guess that you end up being one with the beat, now how about that? The early bird Jalapeño Beat Maker package would cost you $199, and assuming that this particular Kickstarter project actually gains traction and take off, it ought to begin delivering from October this year onward. Being weatherproof and durable, you know that your next skiing or snowboarding session is never going to be the same again. [Kickstarter Page]

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    Aurisonics’ Rockets IEMs Claims To Be “Indestructible”

    Tyler Lee January 8, 2014

    Aurisonics Rockets IEMs Claims To Be IndestructibleDon’t you just hate it when your earphones either break or keep falling out of your ear? A lot of companies have in the past attempted to correct that, but because everyone’s ears are shaped differently, the success of such devices are hit and miss, unless of course you were to get an earpiece custom designed for you. Those options are expensive and companies such as Logitech charges thousands for such solutions with their UE lineup. Perhaps looking to succeed where others has failed are Aurisonic who have announced the successful funding of their Rockets IEMs on Kickstarter.

    So what makes the Rockets earphones so different from the rest? Well Aurisonics does not appear to be holding back when it comes to durability and strength of these earphones. For starters the shells of the  earphones will be made from titanium, not only making it incredibly strong, but light-weight as well. The cables are made from Kevlar meaning that they should be able to withstand the abuse of daily use, and are anchored by Kevlar at 3 points to the shell meaning that it should solve the problem of broken connections. To top things off, the Rockets will be waterproof as well, meaning you will be able to take them with you on a workout and it should not be affected by sweat.

    So with durability out of the way, what about fit? According to Aurisonics, the Rockets IEMs will feature a tri-tab silicon retention collar that will grab onto the inner parts of your ear, allowing for a more secure fit, which the company believes you can even sleep with them out without worrying about it falling out. Also because of their design, much like other IEMs, you can actually listen to music with the volume down as they go deeper than regular earphones or headphones, which will provide a safer listening experience. As it stands Aurisonics’ Kickstarter project is a success but if you’d like to learn more or grab a pair, hit up their Kickstarter page for the details.

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