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Apple Details ‘Business Chat’ For iMessage

Tyler Lee June 11, 2017

Last week it was reported that Apple had an upcoming feature for its Messages app called “Business Chat”. From the brief description on its website, it looked like this feature was being aimed at businesses who are looking for new and more hi-tech and possibly more efficient ways of communicating with customers.

During a session at WWDC 2017, it seems that more details of the service was revealed. Business Chat will be part of iOS 11 (and presumably beyond) where through Safari, Maps, Spotlight, or Siri, users will be able to start conversations with businesses that support the service. In a way it almost sounds like how one might communicate with businesses through their Facebook Pages and Facebook Messenger.

However with Business Chat, Apple plans for it to be more than just a chatting platform. The company envisions how it will be able to support more complex interactions like scheduling an appointment, make bookings, and so on. One of the examples Apple showed was how customers can actually place an order, make payment using Apple Pay, and even track the shipping all within Business Chat itself.

The feature will also be integrated with other customer service platforms which includes LivePerson, Salesforce, Nuance, and Genesys. For now interactions will be completely human-to-human, unlike Facebook Messenger which allows companies to use chatbots, but that could change in the future.

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iMac Gets Major Update, New iMac Pro Is Apple’s Most Powerful Mac

Adnan Farooqui June 5, 2017

Apple has updated its Mac lineup today with faster processors and graphics, Thunderbolt 3, brighter Retina displays, faster storage options, and more. Apple has also updated the MacBook and MacBook Pro lineups today with faster processors. The company has launched a new product called the iMac Pro which it claims is the most powerful Mac it has ever made.

The refreshed MacBook and MacBook Pro models don’t get any design changes. The new MacBook now features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 1.3 Ghz Core i7, up to 50 percent faster SSD. The new 13 inch MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 while the 15 inch can be configured with an up to 3.1 GHz core i7 processor.

The 13 inch model adds a new $1,299 configuration and the 15 inch model gets more video memory. The refreshed notebooks are available for purchase via Apple.com starting today.

Apple has also updated the iMac to faster Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2Ghz with support for up to twice the memory as the previous generation. The Fusion Drive will now be standard on all 27 inch configurations as well as the high-end 21.5 inch iMac. All SSD storage options are now up to 50 percent faster while Thunderbolt 3 is onboard as well.

The new Radeon Pro 500-series graphics card with up to 8GB of vRAM improves graphics across the entire lineup. The display is 43 percent brighter at 500 nits to a more visually immersive experience. The new iMac is also available for order starting today. Apple has even updated the 13 inch MacBook Air with a 1.8 GHz processor.

Apple has provided a sneak peek of iMac Pro today. It’s a new workstation-class product that is aimed at professional users. The iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac the company has ever built. It has a 27 inch Retina 4K display with up to 18 core Xeon processors and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics processing power.

Apple says that it has reengineered the entire system and developed a completely new thermal architecture for providing exceptional performance with up to 80 percent more cooling capacity in the same iMac design.

The iMac Pro will feature the new Radeon Pro Vega graphics card and up to 16GB of on-package high-bandwidth memory (HBM2). It will have support for up to 4TB of SSD and up to 128GB of ECC memory. iMac Pro has four Thunderbolt 3 ports and support for 10Gb Ethernet.

Apple is going to start shipping the iMac Pro in the United States in December with prices starting at $4,999.

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macOS High Sierra Gets VR And HEVC Support, Apps Refined

Adnan Farooqui June 5, 2017

Apple previewed macOS High Sierra today, the latest iteration of its desktop operating system. It’s all about refinement with this update. High Sierra brings new core storage, video, and graphics technologies as well which will pave the way for future innovation on the Mac. It also brings an all-new file system and support for support for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). Native apps like Photos, Safari, and Mail have all been refined in this update.

Apple File System (APFS) is included in macOS High Sierra. It provides improved performance, security, and reliability of data. It makes common operations like copying files instantaneous, protects data from power outages and system crashes while native encryption keeps files secures. High Sierra will maintain complete read and write compatibility with previously formatted HFS drives and data.

The industry-standard HEVC (H.265) is supported, it significantly improves quality rates of video streaming and 4K video playback. Metal, described as “the fastest, most efficient way to tap into GPU power on the Mac,” is onboard as well. It brings support for machine learning used in natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition.

For the first time, macOS High Sierra also adds support for VR content creating. This will enable developers to create 3D and VR content on the Mac. Valve is already optimizing its SteamVR platform for the Mac and enabling connection of the HTC Vive to macOS computers. More VR companies will work with Apple to expand virtual reality’s reach on the Mac.

Countless refinements have been made to system apps like Photos, Safari, Mail, Siri, Notes, Spotlight, and more.

A developer preview of macOS High Sierra will be available starting today to members of the Apple Developer Program. A public beta program will be launched later this month. macOS High Sierra will be released as a free update for everyone later this year in the fall.

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New 10.5 Inch iPad Pro Specs And Price Confirmed

Adnan Farooqui June 5, 2017

At WWDC 2017 today, Apple has unveiled an all-new 10.5 inch iPad Pro. It has also updated the 12.5 inch iPad Pro. The all-new 10.5 inch model slims down bezels by nearly 40 percent in a package that still weighs less than one pound.

Apple claims that both new tablets are “by far the most powerful iPads” that it has ever created. They feature ProMotion displays and Apple’s new A10X Fusion processor as well as the advanced camera system from the iPhone 7.

The company says that the redesigned Retina display in the new iPad Pro features ProMotion which is a new technology that delivers refresh rates of up to 120Hz for fluid scrolling and more responsiveness.

The new 64-bit A10X Fusion processor promises enhanced performance for complex tasks such as photo editing, 4K video, 3D image rendering, and gaming. The six-core CPU and 12-core GPU provide up to 30 and 40 percent CPU and GPU performance than the A9X chip.

Both iPad Pro models feature the same 12 megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and 7 megapixel FaceTime HD camera as the iPhone 7. The iPad Pro also has a four-speaker audio system, an embedded Apple SIM as well as support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and LTE-Advanced.

The new iPad Pro models can be ordered starting today from Apple.com and will be released to customers next week. They will also be available starting next week from Apple retail stores. Both will be updated to iOS 11 in the fall.

The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is available in silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold colors with prices starting at $649 for the 64GB Wi-Fi only model and $779 for the Cellular model. The new 12.9 inch iPad Pro is available in space gray, silver, and gold colors with prices starting at $799 for the 64GB Wi-Fi only and $929 for the 64GB Cellular model.

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Apple HomePod Siri Speaker Promises Amazing Sound Quality

Adnan Farooqui June 5, 2017

We had been hearing rumors that Apple was going to announce a Siri speaker at WWDC 2017 and that’s precisely what it has done today. Apple introduced its new product called HomePod at WWDC 2017. The company says that this product is going to do for music in homes what the iPod did for music on the go. That’s a pretty tall claim.

Apple HomePod speaker has been designed to work with Apple Music. It can wirelessly access over 40 million songs from the service. HomePod has a large, Apple-designed woofer for deep and clean bass aside from a custom array of seven bean-forming tweets with pure high-frequency acoustics and enhanced directional control.

With an array of six microphones, HomePod has been designed for voice control. Users can interact with it by saying “Hey Siri, I like this song.” It can also tackle advanced searches within the music library by responding to queries like “Hey Siri, who’s the drummer in this?”

HomePod doubles as a home assistant since it’s powered by Siri. It can be used to send messages over iMessages, receive updates about news and weather, control smart devices, and more.

The speaker itself is just under 7 inches tall and features a custom A8 processor which enables bass management through real-time software modeling. HomePod has automatic room-sensing technology which enables it to quickly learn its position in the room and perfectly optimize sound output for that room.

Apple is going to release HomePod in white and space gray colors in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia this December for $349.

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iOS 11 Features Confirmed, Release This Fall

Adnan Farooqui June 5, 2017

Apple today announced the much-awaited next iteration to the mobile operating system that powers hundreds of millions of devices across the globe. Apple has confirmed iOS 11 features at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 in San Jose, California today. It brings several new features alongside improvements for core technologies that are crucial to the iOS experience.

One of the new features in iOS 11 includes synchronized messages on iOS and macOS. For example, if you delete a message on your Mac, it will also be deleted automatically from the iPhone or iPad.

Apple has made considerable improvements to Siri as well in iOS 11. The voice assistant will now sound more natural when responding to users. It will also be capable of performing translations in multiple languages including English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, and Spanish.

Siri has an “intelligence” feature which enables it to make suggestions that the user is going to find interesting. They can be about a news article based on the user’s preferences or predictive suggestions about what task they should do next.

iOS 11 brings a completely redesigned Control Center to iOS devices. It’s the panel which pops up when users slide up on the device’s display. They can use the panel to access important settings and features at one tap.

Apple Pay finally gets person-to-person payments with iOS 11. This will enable Apple to compete with the likes of Square Cash and Venmo. iOS 11 is going to bring an Apple Pay Cash Card which will also users to store the funds that they receive from P2P transactions. They can then transfer those funds to their personal bank accounts.

iOS 11 also brings the biggest makeover yet for the App Store. It now has a “Today” tab which will feature trending apps while gaming apps will now be listed in a dedicated tab. Users will also find how-to guides and content related to apps on the App Store so it’s going to have a more editorial aspect to it now.

Apple is paying special attention to the iPad with iOS 11. The tablet’s dock will be made similar to the Mac’s as users will now be allowed to add significantly more apps to it.

The new drag and drop feature will allow users to easily move content from one split-screen app to another. iOS 11 also allows users to save app pairings, they can keep two apps that they frequently use in split-screen together so that they can come back to them without having to set them up in split-screen mode again.

Indoor mapping has been introduced as well for airports and malls in some cities across the globe. Indoor maps will be available for malls in Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Washington DC. Indoor maps will be available for 20 major airports in the United States and across the globe.

All this and more will be included in iOS 11 when it arrives this fall. A public beta program will be available later this month.

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iOS 11 Files App Spotted Hours Before WWDC 2017

Adnan Farooqui June 5, 2017

iOS power users have long wished for a proper file management app that allows them with direct access to the iOS system and app files. However, Apple has not provided them with one ever since the iPhone was launched back in 2007. It might finally be able to change this a decade later. Hours before WWDC 2017 where the company is due to make its software announcements, evidence has surfaced which suggests that iOS 11 may have a “Files” app.

A listing for the Files app was spotted in the “Utilities” section of the App Store by developer Steven Troughton-Smith. While the listing has since been removed, the screenshots of the listing remain.

The listing didn’t contain any details about the app itself but the icon is familiar as it’s similar to the blue file folder icon used in macOS. It did mention that the app requires iOS 11 and 64-bit file structure support to function.

This has led to speculation that perhaps Apple is rethinking how it does file management on iOS. The app may finally provide users with direct access to iOS system and app files. This would make data management a breeze on iOS devices.

We can expect to hear more about this from Apple later today at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 which takes place in San Jose, California at 10 am Pacific.

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Apple Confirms WWDC 2017 Can Be Live Streamed

Tyler Lee May 25, 2017

For a while whenever Apple would host WWDC, they would make it a pretty exclusive event in which only Apple device owners could tune into it if they weren’t in attendance. These days Apple has started to open itself up a bit more, and if you are curious to see what Apple will announce this year, you’re in luck.

The company has recently confirmed that this year’s WWDC will be live streamable to users who aren’t in attendance. Previously it was suggested that the live stream would only be open to those with a developer account, but it has since been clarified to indicate that anyone with a compatible device or browser will be able to tune in just like before.

For those looking to tune into the live stream, you would need to own an iOS or Mac device running Safari, but for those on PC, not to worry as if you have Windows 10 and use the Edge browser, you should be able to tune in no problem. While WWDC has largely been about software, many are expecting Apple to unveil some new hardware this year as well.

According to the rumors, we can expect things like new iPad Pros (and one in a new 10.5-inch size) as well as refreshes made to the MacBook lineup. Take it with a grain of salt but remember to check back with us on the 5th of June if you’d like the official details.

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Report Claims 10.5-inch iPad Pro Production Is Ramping Up For June

Tyler Lee May 19, 2017

Apple’s iPad Pros were rumored to undergo a refresh earlier this year, but clearly that did not happen. However recent rumors have suggested that the refresh could take place in June where it could debut alongside the rumored Siri speaker (Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home).

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but a report from DigiTimes (via 9to5Mac) has suggested that production of the tablet is currently ramping up where it is expected to be launched and made available in June. Assuming it’s true, the 10.5-inch model will not only represent a new size option, but also another addition to the iPad Pro lineup which features  12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models.

According to DigiTimes, “The upstream supply chain’s shipments for Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro have been increasing recently and the device’s monthly shipment volume is expected to grow to 600,000 units in July, up from around 500,000 units currently, helping its annual shipments to reach five million units in 2017, according to some market watchers. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro began mass production in March-April.”

Over the years DigiTimes has had a pretty spotty record when it comes to Apple-related rumors, so maybe you should take this with a grain of salt, but it definitely seems to in line with what we’ve heard so far.

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New MacBook, MacBook Pro Upgrades Planned For WWDC

Tyler Lee May 16, 2017

If you’re looking forward to new MacBook upgrades, it seems that you might not have to wait much longer. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is rumored to introduce new MacBook and MacBook Pro upgrades at WWDC 2017 which kicks off next month. This is interesting as for a while now, WWDC has stopped focusing on hardware launches.

However the report claims that the MacBook Pro will be upgraded with a faster Kaby Lake processor from Intel, while the MacBook is also said to get a faster Intel chip but it was not mentioned as to what it might be.

The 13-inch MacBook Air is also said to be under consideration for an upgrade but it was not confirmed. Unsurprisingly Apple declined to comment on the report. That being said we should note that this report is in line with an earlier report that suggested that we could expect an upgrade to the MacBook Pro in 2017 that could potentially be cheaper.

However the report claimed that the new laptops would use Intel’s Canonlake CPU and offer up to 32GB of RAM. It is possible that the upgrades introduced at WWDC would merely be a slight refresh, and that maybe a bigger upgrade could come in the later part of the year. Either way take it with a grain of salt and check back with us in the coming weeks for the details.

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