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Gamers Shouldn’t Hold Their Breath For Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 Remasters

Tyler Lee November 6, 2017

With Blizzard having officially remastered the original StarCraft, we’re sure that there are gamers who might be eager to look forward to Blizzard remastering more of their old games. In fact earlier this year there were rumors saying that remasters of Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 could be in the works.

While Blizzard hasn’t denied that possibility, it seems that gamers probably shouldn’t hold their breath at the idea of seeing those games getting remastered. This is according to a recent interview with Blizzard’s senior producer on the Classic Games team, Peter Stilwell who spoke to the folks at PCGamesN.

According to Stilwell, the reason we’re not seeing older Blizzard games remastered yet is because they don’t feel like the games in their current version are perfect, or at least good enough to be remastered. Stilwell points to the Blizzard forums where players still have a ton of gripes regarding some of the older games, and until Blizzard feels that everyone is happy with the game, then only will they proceed with remastering it, or at least look into it.

Stilwell was quoted as saying, “So we don’t feel like we’re at that stage yet with the others, we want to have that moment where the community is cool to play [the version of the game] while we figure out whatever, [so] we don’t have to cringe every day as we read the forums.” That being said, we have to wonder if maybe Blizzard’s resources could be spent making Diablo 4 or Warcraft 4 even. What do you guys say?

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Blizzard Preparing Warcraft 3 For New Multiplayer Update

Tyler Lee August 11, 2017

At the moment it seems that Blizzard is giving all of their franchises some love, save for the Warcraft franchise which seems to have been largely untouched, or at least until more recently when Blizzard announced on the forums that Warcraft 3 will finally be getting its own PTR, and that they will be testing out some multiplayer changes.

According to Blizzard, “Warcraft III’s first official PTR lives. Join us on the field of battle as we test the new Map Pools for 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and Free-for-All.” Based on the changelog it doesn’t seem like these changes will be particularly groundbreaking or will impact the game too greatly, but for those who still enjoy the game, this could be a much-welcome breath of fresh air.

We’re not sure if this is the extent of attention that Blizzard will be paying to the game. After all we suppose in a way World of Warcraft is kind of like an extension of the Warcraft franchise, not to mention that even 10 years later is still very much a cash cow. There have been rumors to suggest that a Warcraft 3 remaster could be in the works, and given that Blizzard did announce a StarCraft Remaster earlier this year, it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question.

It is unclear what Blizzard has planned for the RTS portion of the Warcraft franchise. Several years ago the company did state that a Warcraft 4 is something they are interested in, but other than expressing their interest, nothing else was shared.

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Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 Remasters Could Be In The Works

Tyler Lee June 19, 2017

So we know that Blizzard is working on a HD remaster of StarCraft, and now it looks like Blizzard could be doing the same with some of their older franchises, such as Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3. This is according to a report from PCGamesN who spotted a couple of job listings at Blizzard that hinted at such plans.

According to one of the job listings, “Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II the titans of their day. Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made them more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation. We’re restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done.”

The other listing reads, “Classic Games is looking for a renaissance designer to harmonize that which was, with that which will be. Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo await your machinations. If you have the desire to rise to that challenge, we’d love to hear from you.” Of course this by no means confirms Blizzard’s plans, but it certainly sounds like it.

Given that Blizzard is working on a StarCraft remaster, we guess it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that a remaster of older titles might be in the works as well. In any case try not to get your hopes up yet, but perhaps we could hear something at BlizzCon 2017 which will be held in November later this year.

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Could The Next Warcraft Game Be Released On Mobile?

Tyler Lee May 28, 2017

So we know that Blizzard has plans to expand its mobile titles. Hearthstone is a good example of Blizzard bringing games to mobile, and we’ve also seen them expand the World of Warcraft’s mobile capabilities via a companion app. Just last month it also seemed like there were plans for more mobile titles thanks a job listing.

However back then it wasn’t clear what kind of games Blizzard could have planned for mobile, but now a more recent job listing suggests that maybe Blizzard could be thinking of bringing more Warcraft-related titles onto smartphones. This is because the job listing mentions the Warcraft IP specifically.

Now we’re not sure if this means that we’ll be getting more World of Warcraft related companion apps, or if Blizzard might have a game designed specifically for phones based on the Warcraft franchise, but then again it could be just about anything. Also Blizzard tends to take a while to develop their games so we guess it could be a while before we see anything.

If and when Blizzard does announce a new title, we suppose it will probably be at BlizzCon 2017 which is scheduled to take place later this year, until then gamers will just have to remain patient.

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Duncan Jones Would Do Another Warcraft Movie Under The ‘Right Conditions’

Tyler Lee November 22, 2016

warcraft movieWith the quality that gamers have come to expect from Blizzard’s games, many had hoped and assumed that the same quality and attention to detail would be paid to the Warcraft movie by Legendary Pictures. Unfortunately save for China, the movie was considered a flop based on the many reviews we read for it.

Granted its financial success in China could suggest that maybe we could get a sequel, but whether or not its director Duncan Jones will return is a different story. Recently Jones said that he would not mind doing another Warcraft movie under the right conditions, and when asked what those conditions would be, Jones replied by saying, “lower budget, less cooks in the kitchen. ;)”

Jones does not elaborate further than that, but the movie’s previous director Sam Raimi had also previously hinted at similar issues. Apparently Blizzard had veto power over the movie, meaning that they could make changes if they did not like the direction that the movie was heading towards.

However as Jones hints, too many cooks will spoil the broth, meaning that sometimes having too much input isn’t necessarily a good thing. In any case we’re not sure what the future of the Blizzard cinematic universe holds, but would you like to see a sequel to the Warcraft movie? Or maybe there’s another Blizzard franchise that you think could do better? Overwatch? StarCraft?

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Blizzard Has No Plans To Remaster Old Warcraft Games

Tyler Lee November 8, 2016

warcraft-orcs-and-humansFollowing the announcement that Blizzard would be remaking Diablo 1 inside of Diablo 3, some have wondered that if this could herald the remastering of other older Blizzard games, namely the Warcraft RTS franchise which has admittedly been put on the backburner ever since the release of the World of Warcraft MMORPG.

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne which was the last expansion in the franchise was released in 2003, about 13 years ago, so could older titles in the franchise be due for a remake? The sad answer is no. According to a report from Eurogamer, there was a recent Q&A session held during BlizzCon 2016 in which a fan asked whether we could see a remastering of older Warcraft titles.

According to Blizzard’s co-founder, Frank Pearce, the reason is because the games just aren’t that fun anymore. He points out that back in its day, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was a fun game but by today’s standards, it’s not that great, which we guess is true of many games since no one could really tell what the future of gaming could be like.

He adds, “We have limited resources with everything that we choose to do. We would much rather work on amazing content for World of Warcraft for you guys, or for Overwatch, or evaluating what a future project pipeline might be and devote our time to that, rather than going back and digging up those fossils.”

However Blizzard’s other co-founder and president Mike Morhaime did interject by adding, “At this time!” So maybe while there aren’t any plans for now, maybe Blizzard isn’t closing the door on it just yet, at least not fully, but maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath.

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Blizzard’s Chris Metzen Announces His Retirement

Tyler Lee September 13, 2016

A company is more than just one person, but sometimes there are individuals who help shape a company into what it is today. For example many still associate Microsoft with Bill Gates, or Apple with Steve Jobs, and in the gaming industry, we have Chris Metzen of Blizzard, who has in the past been one of the company’s most passionate and outspoken employees.

However it looks like all good things must come to an end, and that end is here for Metzen who has just announced that he will be retiring from Blizzard. For those who aren’t familiar, Metzen has contributed to many Blizzard games in the past, and was one of the co-creators of the original Diablo.

He also helped to design games like Warcraft and its sequel, and a little trivia for those who do not know, Metzen also provided voice acting to some of Blizzard’s games, most notably Thrall in the Warcraft and World of Warcraft games. He also provided voices to a variety of units in the StarCraft franchise, and also voiced the Skeleton King in the original Diablo. He also had a cameo in the Warcraft movie as a perfume vendor!

Regarding his retirement, Metzen had this to say: “Thank you all for letting me be a special part of your community. For letting me belong with you. We’ve shared countless adventures together and I’ve always been overwhelmed and humbled by your passion for our games as well your commitment to each other. Thank you for all the BlizzCon hugs, smiles, handshakes, and stories over the years. You will never know how much you’ve all touched my heart and inspired me to give my all into this craft.”

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Cancelled 18-Year Old Warcraft Adventure Game Is Now Playable

Tyler Lee September 12, 2016

If you have been playing Blizzard’s games since the original Warcraft, there’s a good chance you might have heard of a game called Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, which based on what we have seen in screenshots and in terms of gameplay, reminded us very heavily of the Monkey Island series.

Unfortunately Blizzard decided to cancel the game, meaning that what we saw in terms of game footage was pretty much all we got. However it seems that a playable version of the game has been leaked, with the download link being posted on the Scrolls of Lore forum. We’re not sure how the game files were leaked and if the game is complete, but for those who are interested you can go ahead and download it while it is still up and running.

We can only imagine that Blizzard won’t take too kindly to the leak. While Blizzard has in the past been more than support of fan initiatives, they have been rather strict when it comes to their intellectual property so don’t be surprised if the links are eventually removed. This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has cancelled a game.

Some gamers might recall StarCraft Ghost which would have been Blizzard’s first console release, and let’s not forget Blizzard’s next-gen MMO Project Titan (not to be confused with Apple’s rumored Project Titan car plans) which was later eventually salvaged into Overwatch.

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Blacksmith Forges Warcraft’s Doomhammer In Real Life

Tyler Lee August 14, 2016

Given how long the Warcraft franchise has been going on for, safe to say that the lore of the game has been built up quite a bit, and while there are new things added to the game constantly, there are some things that remain a staple. For example in the game there are several weapons wielded by various characters that have become synonymous with the game.

There is Frostmourne which is wielded by the Lich King, then we have the Twin Blades of Azzinoth used by Illidan, then we have Ashbringer which was wielded by Tirion. Also how could we forget Doomhammer which used to be wielded by Orgrim Doomhammer, which was later passed on down to one of the most famous shamans in Warcraft lore, Thrall.

If you’re wondering how the Doomhammer might look like in real life, you’re in luck because Tony Swatton of Man at Arms has decided to forge one in real life. The end result is a pretty damn epic-looking weapon. The way Swatton and his team have crafted it also makes it look almost magical, like there’s a ton of elemental energy swirling inside of the hammer itself, which you can check out for yourself in the video above.

For World of Warcraft players, the Doomhammer will be an artifact weapon that players can actually wield if they were to play the shaman class in the upcoming Legion expansion. In the meantime if you have several minutes to spare, check out the forging process in the video above.

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