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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 2018: A Creative’s Favorite

Hubert Nguyen January 8, 2018

It’s been a few years that Lenovo has been producing the ThinkPad X1 Tablet, and it has evolved for the better since. The 2018 edition comes with a larger and better display that might make it a graphic designer’s favorite.

The most visible change is the new kickstand design with the hinge starting in the middle of the back side. This is a feature that resembles the Microsoft Surface which remains the original, and one of the most efficient kickstand in this category. In my opinion, this provides greater stability and flexibility as for the range that the kickstand can cover.

This detachable 2-1 computer connects to a Lenovo removable keyboard that features relatively long travel key for this kind of keyboard. The TrackPad with the physical “mouse” buttons and the ThinkPad TrackPoint is truly unique to Lenovo, and that is something that may win over ThinkPad enthusiasts who were thinking about getting a Surface Pro.

For graphic artists and designers, the 13-inch IPS touch display has a 3000×2000 resolution, which is superior to its predecessor’s 2160×1440. The display is compatible with the optional Lenovo Pen Pro, a digitizer pen that senses 4096 levels of pressure and supports tile-to-shade. Because the Pen consumes very little energy, it can be charged quickly and last for up to 30 days.

The left side features two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, but there is no full-size USB connectivity. However, Lenovo was able to fit a multi-card reader (SD, MMC, SDHC, SDXC) which is often dear to people who use cameras. There is, of course, a 3.5mm headphones connector and a SIM slot for the optional 4G LTE broadband connectivity.

There is support for WiFi AC (+Dual-band +2×2 MIMO), which is the fastest consumer standard at the moment, along with Bluetooth 4.2. Interestingly, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet 2018 has a discrete fingerprint reader on the side and a camera which is compatible with Windows Hello’s facial log-in.

Gallery: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 2018 Gallery

Last year’s ThinkPad X1 Tablet was equipped with a Core i7 7-gen Core i7 7Y75 which was quite powerful, nearly as much as the more famous i7 7500U model found in most thin and light last year. It’s a good guess to think that the X1 Tablet of 2018 will follow the same pattern, offering clamshell performance in a detachable format.

This computer can host up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD OPAL2 PCIe-NVMe M.2 storage. Given the general form-factor, this computer could end up with a very high performance/volume ratio because without a keyboard, it weighs only 1.9lbs (890g) / 2.79lbs (1.27kg) and has dimensions of 11.45” x 8.24” x .34” (304 x 226 x 8.9mm).

A lot of Photoshopers are going to salivate over this detachable tablet which starts at $1599. It will be available this month.

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ZAGG Unveils Rugged Book Wireless Keyboard For The iPad

Tyler Lee January 8, 2018

If you’re looking for a keyboard to go along with your iPad, there are several options available to you. You could opt to go with Apple’s own Smart Keyboard accessory, or the Bluetooth Magic Keyboard, or alternatively you could opt for a third-party option, such as ZAGG who has recently announced the Rugged Book Wireless Keyboard case for the iPad.

According to ZAGG, the Rugged Book Wireless Keyboard case will play nicely with the iPad, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2. As you can see in the photo above, this basically gives users a keyboard case for their iPad, and while this isn’t a new concept, one of the differences is that ZAGG’s option is rugged, meaning that you don’t have to worry too much about drops or accidental bumps.

The best part is that the keyboard is completely detachable, meaning that if you don’t wish to use the keyboard, you can carry your iPad around in the rugged case that comes with the tablet. This is versus some alternatives where the case and keyboard are merged into a single accessory, meaning that you have to keep the keyboard even if you don’t want to use it right now.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, ZAGG’s Rugged Wireless Keyboard case is currently available for purchase where it is priced at $130.

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iOS 11.2.2 Released With Fix For Spectre Vulnerability

Tyler Lee January 8, 2018

Last week Apple confirmed that its macOS and iOS devices were indeed affected by the Spectre and Meltdown bugs. The company stated that mitigations had already been released in various builds of iOS, macOS, and tvOS, and the good news is that the update for iOS has just been released.

If you own an iOS device and would like to avoid potentially being targeted by hackers and having this vulnerability exploited, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has recently released iOS 11.2.2. With this update, Apple has essentially patched the Spectre bug for iOS devices, so you’ll probably want to download this update ASAP.

Note that this is for the Spectre vulnerability because according to Apple, mitigation for Meltdown had already been released in iOS 11.2. “Apple has already released mitigations in iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, and tvOS 11.2 to help defend against Meltdown.” This means that with iOS 11.2.2, users should be protected against both the vulnerabilities.

For those unfamiliar, last week there was a report in which it was revealed that there were huge security flaws discovered in the majority of today’s modern processors. This included both desktop and mobile-type processors. Companies like Microsoft and Linux announced that they had a fix in the works, while other companies such as Essential have since released a patch for the Essential Phone that should fix the problem.

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Samsung Patents A Rollable OLED Display

Tyler Lee January 3, 2018

A popular rumor that has been making its rounds is that Samsung could be working on a foldable smartphone. However following the release of such a device, could Samsung plan on using its foldable display tech in any other ways? According to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, perhaps a tablet could be next.

The publication has discovered a patent filed by Samsung that describes a OLED display that can be rolled up and rolled out. As you can see in the diagram above, it’s tube that you can pull the display out from, thus allowing users to minimize the space that it takes compared to traditional tablets, like the iPad Pro which can be rather huge.

The patent also describes how at the side, Samsung could also install a fingerprint sensor which protects the contents on the device. Users will need to scan their fingerprint before the display can be rolled out. That being said, it is only a patent and there is no guarantee that Samsung will go through with such a device.

After all we have yet to see the rumored foldable smartphone that Samsung is said to launch later this year, so perhaps based on that we might have a better idea of where the company might take such display technology to next.

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