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Apple Denies That They’re Going To Phase Out iTunes Music Downloads

Tyler Lee December 11, 2017

There are multiple ways to consume music, such as through physical purchases of CDs and vinyl, or digital where you can buy your songs piecemeal or entire albums through platforms like iTunes, or stream them for a monthly subscription through services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

For the longest time ever, Apple’s iTunes dominated the digital music scene, but recent rumors are suggesting that Apple plans to phase that out. In a report from Digital Music News, they are reporting that Apple has already begun their phasing out of music downloads via iTunes, with plans to ultimately scrap the service/feature completely by 2019.

No doubt that this would mark a huge change in the music industry, especially when you consider that iTunes is one of the more dominant digital music platform for song/album purchases. However in a denial made to 9to5Mac, Apple is claiming that the report is “not true”. Like we said, this is not the first time we’re hearing about this as we had heard the first report back in 2016, which Apple themselves have debunked back then as well.

However despite Apple’s insistence, Digital Music News is claiming that their source has repeatedly confirmed that it is true, and that it is “on schedule”. Then again given that the official word is that it isn’t true, perhaps take this report with a grain of salt for now.

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News: Apple unveils best Apps, Music, Movies, and TV Shows for 2017

Jesse Hollington December 7, 2017

Apple has announced its editorial picks for the best apps, movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts available from its various online content stores. The App Store team noted four rising trends for 2017, including the introduction of augmented reality apps with iOS 11, a rise of real-time competitive gaming, and an increased focus on mental health and mindfulness as well as storytelling and reading. The 2017 iPhone App of the Year was the health and…


News: Apple releases iTunes 12.7.1 with minor updates

Dan Pye November 1, 2017

Alongside the release of new versions of iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS, Apple has rolled out iTunes 12.7.1, featuring only “minor app and performance improvements.” The small update continues the program’s more focused emphasis “on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks” after a redesign that saw the removal of the App Store. For those looking to keep the App Store within iTunes, Apple has released a standalone…


News: iTunes U app update moves collections to Podcasts app, in line with iTunes changes

Dan Pye October 18, 2017

Apple has updated its iTunes U app to bring it in line with the recent changes to iTunes, migrating the collections features to the Podcasts app just like they were moved to the podcasts area within iTunes. Other than that, the app functions mostly the same as before, allowing users to view iTunes U courses and offering “performance improvements for accounts with a large number of courses.” Links to collections from within the iTunes U…


News: Apple leaves version of iTunes featuring App Store available for anyone to download

Dan Pye October 11, 2017

While Apple removed the App Store from its latest update of iTunes, the company has also left a version featuring the App Store — version 12.6.3 — available for download. The company’s support page for that download makes it clear the intent is to allow businesses deploying their own internal apps the ability to access the App Store from iTunes, even going so far as to provide special provisions allowing the older version to be downloaded…


Apple Releases Version Of iTunes That Has An App Store

Tyler Lee October 9, 2017

Having a one-stop shop for all your needs is a great idea because in theory it sounds extremely convenient. However when you start filling up that shop with too many things, things start to get a bit messy, which was the case with Apple’s iTunes app in which it was meant to handle iOS devices, music, videos, ringtones, ebooks, and more.

This is why in the latest version of iTunes (version 12.7), Apple removed a ton of features like the app store and basically refocused iTunes into a music app. However for those who are lamenting the loss of access to certain features, not to worry because Apple has you covered with a quiet release of iTunes 12.6.3 which was noticed by the folks on Reddit.

Based on the version number, it is clearly not the “latest” version, but it does offer users access to the App Store and it will also support Apple’s latest devices, like the new iPhones and devices running on iOS 11. According to Apple, they have positioned this release as being necessary for businesses who deploy apps internally, but given that it is available for download by anyone, we’re not sure it really matters.

In any case this version of iTunes will be available for PC (32-bit and 64-bit supported) and Mac users, so click here if you’re a Mac user, or here if you’re a 32-bit PC user, or here for 64-bit PC users.

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Amazon 4K Content Prices Cut

Adnan Farooqui September 25, 2017

Apple recently launched its 4K compatible Apple TV set-top box. The company announced at the event that it was adding 4K content to the iTunes Store for the same price as HD content. It was also going to upgrade all previously purchased HD movies to 4K for free so that customers could stream them in gorgeous 4K HDR. It appears that Amazon has now responded to Apple’s move by cutting prices on the 4K content it offers through Amazon Video.

Amazon is expected to launch new 4K HDR compatible hardware as well. It stopped selling the Fire TV recently. There are rumors that new Amazon hardware is coming soon with support for 4K and HDR content.

Amazon Video’s 4K content library isn’t as broad as Apple’s. Prices usually started at $30 which made the 4K content quite expensive but they were comparable to services like Google.

However, Apple worked out favorable deals and is selling 4K HDR movies for prices starting at $19.99. Amazon Video has reportedly cut prices on 4K content over the weekend. Some 4K titles are now available for around $5 while newer titles cost between $7 to $19.

This competition works out in favor of the customers who now get to purchase 4K content from Amazon at lower prices. It’s unclear at this point in time when Amazon is planning to launch its new 4K compatible streaming hardware and how much it’s going to charge for it.

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News: Apple increases iTunes movie rental time to 48 hours for US users

Dan Pye September 25, 2017

Apple has increased the time a user has to finish or rewatch a movie rented from iTunes from 24 hours to 48 hours for U.S. users, according to the company’s updated support document. Users in the U.S. users have 30 days from the time they rent a movie to begin watching it, and now they’ll have twice as much time to finish it. The 48 hour window to watch an iTunes rental has been available since the beginning of iTunes movie rentals in…


iTunes Movie Rental Window Extended To 48 Hours

Adnan Farooqui September 24, 2017

If you rent movies from iTunes frequently, you will be delighted to find out that the iTunes movie rental window has now been extended. Apple previously allowed iTunes customers to watch rented content within 24 hours. The clock started after they played it for the first time. The rental window has now been doubled.

The updated support document on Apple’s website confirms that iTunes customers still have 30 days to start watching content that they have rented. Once they’ve played it at any point in time during those 30 days, they will now have 48 hours instead of 24 to finish watching it. It’s great that Apple has finally made this change.

Apple has made this change quietly as it begins shipping out the new Apple TV 4K to customers across the country. This move is going to be welcomed by those who frequently rent content from iTunes.

Apple previously imposed this 24 hour limit to iTunes customers in the United States but in other markets, the limit was 48 hours. It’s good that customers in the United States now get 48 hours as well.

iTunes customers can watch rented content across multiple devices and even downloaded on a single device. Even if the content is watched offline, the 48 hour timer will be adhered to.

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News: 4K Movies begin appearing on iTunes

Jesse Hollington September 15, 2017

Apple has begun offering a number of movie titles in 4K HDR ahead of next week’s Apple TV 4K, identify by a “4K” designation where “HD” was previously shown, as well as a “Dolby Vision” logo. In addition to selling content in 4K for the same price as other HD content, Apple has promised that users who have previously purchased HD versions of titles that are now available in 4K will be able to download or stream…