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Apple’s ‘Real’ Super Cycle Expected To Begin In 2018

Tyler Lee December 14, 2017

Ahead of the iPhone X being officially announced, many analysts were speculating that the launch of such a hi-tech device could mark a change in iPhone sales in a positive way, namely how it could spur a new super cycle for the Cupertino company. However according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the “real” super cycle is only expected to begin in 2018.

Many had expected to see a massive rush to buy the iPhone X upon its release, and while initial reports have been positive, the shipping estimates for the iPhone X have since improved to 1-3 days with a relatively short period of time, suggesting that maybe demand for the iPhone X wasn’t as great as many had initially thought, or that following reviews or hands-on experiences with the phone, many customers decided not to go through on their purchase.

So why 2018, and not 2017? He believes that this will be due to Apple launching updated versions of the iPhone X next year, which last we heard could potentially arrive in two sizes, one of which is rumored to be bigger than the current model. He also claims that Apple’s TrueDepth production issues will be properly addressed in 2018, so there will be no bottlenecks with regards to production.

We suppose we’ll just have to wait and see if Kuo’s prediction will come true, but what do you guys think? Are you one of those who are holding out for 2018’s iPhones?

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Photographer Captures Entire Wedding Using Just The iPhone 8 Plus

Tyler Lee December 13, 2017

Image credit – Barb Simkova

Our smartphone cameras have come a long way from back in the day where the maximum resolution they captured was VGA, and where it was more of a novelty to use the camera feature rather than functionality. However looking at today’s cameras, it is clear that technology has evolved immensely.

So much so that photographer Barb Simkova decided that she would chance it by shooting an entire wedding using just her iPhone 8 Plus (via iMore). According to Simkova, “I love that an iPhone allows you to capture something quickly, with little technical knowledge and set up. Portrait mode blows me away – some of the images that come out of the iPhone in portrait mode have such a beautiful depth to them that I find myself exclaiming, ‘THAT was shot on an iPhone?’”

Now as you can see in the photos on the website, they look absolutely stunning and in some instances, you’d be hardpressed to tell that they were taken using a smartphone. Of course in terms of sharpness, it isn’t quite as razor-sharp compared to using a “proper” professional camera with a high-quality lens, but like we said, the composition, the colors, and the editing do make up for a lot of it.

Note that Simkova isn’t the first photographer to shoot an entire wedding using an iPhone. Last year another photographer took photos at a wedding using the iPhone 6 Plus, which goes to show how far we’ve come along in terms of technology, and also how important things like composition are.

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News: Apple invests $390M in Finisar, company that makes lasers for iPhone X

Dan Pye December 13, 2017

Apple has announced a $390 million investment in Finisar, the company that produces lasers used in the iPhone X’s Face ID technology, according to a press release. The money is expected to be spent on research and development and high-volume production of the vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers that power Face ID, Portrait mode selfies and even the proximity-sensing capabilities of AirPods. Finisar will be remodelling a 700,000-square-foot…


Samsung Galaxy Users On Twitter Reportedly Happier Than iPhone Users

Tyler Lee December 12, 2017

Image credit – LikeFolio

Is there a correlation between the smartphone you are using and your happiness? According to data analyzed by LikeFolio, it seems that there could be. Based on their findings which is taken from tweets on Twitter, it would seem that Samsung Galaxy users appear to be happier than iPhone users.

According to the company, “LikeFolio uses social-data research to discover consumer trends on public companies, in this case measuring how positively consumers are reacting to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.” Basically it seems like they are taking tweets which express the user’s happiness or unhappiness about the device that they are using, so if you have ever taken to Twitter to express how happy you are with your Samsung/iPhone, or to rant about how terrible your smartphone is, there’s a chance your tweets could have been taken into consideration.

As you can see in the graph above, it shows how for the most part, Samsung Galaxy users appear to be posting more positive/happier tweets compared to that of iPhone users. You can also see the sharp dip in the chart which is when the exploding Note 7 fiasco took place, in which presumably many Samsung customers took to Twitter to rant about their experience.

However it seems that their dissatisfaction did not last long as it appears that it quickly rebounded to previous levels (or close to it).

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Jony Ive To Resume Control Of Apple’s Design Team

Tyler Lee December 11, 2017

When it comes to Apple’s products, it’s hard not to associate the design of some of the company’s more iconic products with its design chief, Jony Ive. However in case you didn’t know, Ive has been hands-off for the past couple of years from the day-to-day management of the design team, but he has since returned to his role.

In a report from Bloomberg and confirmed in a statement by Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette, Ive will be resume day-to-day management of Apple’s design team. “With the completion of Apple Park, Apple’s design leaders and teams are again reporting directly to Jony Ive, who remains focused purely on design.”

Of course Apple has more than one designer working for them, and during Ive’s “absence”, the hardware and software design teams were led by Alan Dye and Richard Howarth who reported directly to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, but Ive’s return will see him take control of the teams, although it was not reported as to what Dye and Howarth’s roles are now that Ive is back in control.

We’re not sure what this could mean for the future of Apple-designed products, but The Verge has noted that in Ive’s absence, Apple has released products with somewhat questionable design quirks. Hopefully with Ive’s return, he will be able to right the ship like he did back in the day, where his design of Apple’s iconic products are said to have played a vital role in revitalizing the company back when they were brink of bankruptcy.

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Replacing Batteries On Older iPhones Could Improve Performance

Tyler Lee December 11, 2017

Image credit – iFixit

There is a popular conspiracy theory floating about that Apple slows down older iPhones whenever a new model comes out in order to “motivate” customers to upgrade. Recent benchmarks have suggested that this is not the case, but without doubt older iPhone users can probably start to feel the lag.

Of course this could be attributed to a bunch of different factors, like software, damaged components, and so on, but a recent thread on Reddit (via 9to5Mac) has suggested that there could be a relatively simple fix: replace the battery on your phone. This apparently will result in markedly improved performance at a much lower cost than buying a new phone.

So why is this, you ask? The theory is that this is based on battery issues that iPhone 6s was experiencing, in which there were random shutdowns. The software update released to fixed that apparently dynamically changed the iPhone’s clock speed and made it relative to the voltage that the battery was outputting, thus ensuring that it can’t draw too much power, which leads to it shutting down.

What this means is that as time goes on and the more your battery degrades, the software will keep dynamically altering your clock speeds to match those of your battery, so the worse it gets, the slower your phone gets. For those who want to check if this is real, Redditor Adolf-Intel has suggested that users download the CpuDasherX app to check their clock speeds to see if it matches (or at least comes close) to what the benchmarks are saying.

Ultimately if you’re looking to save money on a new iPhone but hate the fact that your phone feels so laggy, it is possible that changing its battery will solve that problem. It’s not a guarantee that it will, but the evidence does seem to point towards that, so rather than spend close to a $1,000 on a new iPhone, maybe this could be worth exploring first.

PSA: iPhone slow? Try replacing your battery! from iphone

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Apple Supplier Suggests That Face ID Could Come To 2018’s iPhones

Tyler Lee December 10, 2017

For the most part based on various reviews, Face ID works as advertised, although from time to time, we do hear stories about the feature hiccuping in terms of functionality, but nothing too major. So the question is, is Face ID good enough to the point where Apple will want to implement it across their iOS devices?

According to recent reports, it seems that one particular Apple supplier think so. During a recent earnings report covered by analyst Gene Munster, Apple supplier Finisar announced the purchase of a 700,000 square foot plant. If you’re unfamiliar with Finisar, they are the company that suppliers vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays, which is used in the TrueDepth camera system and subsequently Face ID.

The purchase of the manufacturing plant has been interpreted as Finisar’s attempt to ramp up the production of its components, and while they do supply to other companies, the report is suggesting that the ramp up could also be to help facilitate implementation of Face ID into 2018’s iPhones.

We have heard reports that Apple could adopt Face ID in newer iOS devices if the feature was well-received, which includes iPhones and also iPads. Whether or not those reports are true remains to be seen, but this does seem to hint that Apple could be interested in expanding its availability.

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2018’s iPhones Expected To Feature Bigger And Improved Batteries

Tyler Lee December 8, 2017

If there is one criticism that many seem to have about the iPhone, it would be its battery life. It isn’t completely terrible, but compared to the competition, it still leaves a bit to be desired. However that is expected to change in 2018, or at least that’s what KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is claiming.

According to the renowned Apple analyst, he claims that Apple’s 2018 iPhones are expected to feature batteries that are bigger and improved compared to their predecessors. This is expected to be applied across all iPhones in 2018, which last we heard there could be three models similar to this year.

The report claims that Apple is expected to continue using the L-shaped battery design which is also used in the iPhone X, and that this is expected to allow for better battery life. However it seems that the increase in battery might not be as big as one might hope. According to Kuo, the 5.8-inch iPhone is expected to pack a battery between 2,900-3,000mAh, which is about 200mAh more than the iPhone X.

This is a pretty small difference, which presumably could be used to help make up for the presumably more powerful processor and other hardware features, and also for its display. In any case we suppose it might be too early to start thinking about the 2018 iPhones, but if you have yet to purchase 2017’s models, you could consider holding off until next year.

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News: iOS 11.2 released over the weekend with fix for Dec. 2 crash bug, Apple Pay Cash

Dan Pye December 4, 2017

After online reports of a bug that appeared to be crashing iPhones just after the date rolled over to December 2, Apple rolled out the iOS 11.2 on Saturday, the first time the company has ever released an update on a weekend. Time-based notifications for certain apps began crashing or respringing the devices at 12:15 a.m. on December 2, specifically apps that issue repeated reminders throughout the day. Apple took the unusual step of releasing its…


Apple Could Adopt Faster Circuit Boards For Its Products In 2018

Tyler Lee December 3, 2017

Image credit – iFixit

When Apple launched the iPhone 8, 8, and the iPhone X a couple of months ago, the company touted the various hardware and software features and improvements, but under the hood, there were some changes that Apple did not reveal. This came in the form of the use of a new type of flexible circuit board made from liquid crystal polymer.

This was used in the iPhone’s LTE antennas and also the TrueDepth camera, and now it seems that according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is expected to bring that technology across its products for 2018 and beyond. Kuo claims that this will cover devices like the iPad, Mac computers, and also the Apple Watch, and that Apple is already working with FPCB manufacturer Career on designs that they will bring to the MacBook laptops.

For those wondering what the big deal is, basically these new circuit boards are said to be faster than the regular versions, and will help improve data transmission capabilities. It is also said to offer better thermal performance, better frequency attenuation, and moisture resistance, and could potentially cut down on space internally which could allow for bigger batteries or just a smaller and lighter device overall.

These changes might not necessarily be noticeable to the end-user, but if it leads to better overall performance, then we suppose that might be good enough for the average consumer.

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